Head and Body Hair FUE- SFET for African American Patient

*Treatment results may vary
23 of 1990

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Hair Loss Level: NW 2-3 African American male. Wants hair restoration with body and head hair. Surgery: 1200 grafts derived from the head, and 1200 grafts from the armpit and legs derived by FUE – SFET were transplanted to the front and hairline. Results shown here at 9 months after his surgeries. Lessons: FUE – SFET and BHT can be safely and efficiently performed on all racial groups including the Asians (Koreans, Chinese, Japanese, etc) as well as African American and all people of color. This patient's hair was successfully removed by SFET despite his extremely curly hair. However, I have determined that the difficulty faced in the performance of FUE in some African Americans of some patients of African descent is not due to the tightness curl, but rather from the consistency of the tissue surrounding the hair follicles as well as the nature of the attachment of these tissues to the hair follicle. I have successfully performed linear scar free FUE – SFET surgery on numerous patients of African descent and Asians.