FUE – BHT SFET Using Head and Body Hair to add density

*Treatment results may vary
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Hair Loss History: Patient with a level 6 hair loss had received ,4500 grafts by strip surgery. He had inadequate coverage, poor hairline design and hair angles, pluggy hairline, and very wide strip scar. He wanted me to use head and body hair to add density, cover his crown and scar and advance the hairline to a particular look. He had a picture of what he wanted his hairline to look like.
Surgery: I carried out the repair using about leg hair, beard hair, nape hair and some traditional head donor. The procedure was completed in 3 major sessions. Involving about 16,000 grafts. As the patient states, "I have gotten my life back."
Lessons: Strip type hair transplantation cannot give the kind of coverage needed by the typical NW 6 patient. In this instance, not only was the coverage inadequate the patient had to deal with unacceptably wide scar. At least 2,500 grafts have gone into camouflaging the scar. These are 2,500 grafts that would have been better used in the bald areas. The strip scar despite all the hair and the patient’s attempt at tattooing used to vastly improve its appearance would never disappear completely. The best way to treat a strip scar is to avoid undergoing strip type hair transplantation all together.