FUE – SFET Using Head and Nape Hair transplant to hairline and frontal scalp

*Treatment results may vary
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Hair Loss Level: Patient is a NW 3. Wanted a conservative start at hair restoration. Surgery: 1200 grafts derived from the nape and head donor was transplanted to the hairline and frontal scalp. The patient states that his hair stylists all would not believe he has had a hair transplant. Lessons: The use of nape hair in the vanguard hair of the hairline and the extraction process of FUE by SFET all contribute to making the hair transplant undetectable. Nape hair gives the hairline he kind of softness that head donor hair cannot impart. The softness of this hair makes the NW2 hairline the hair transplant is trying to create as close to nature/real as possible. Hair transplants try to mimic a NW 2 hairline. NW 2 means that the hairline has thinned somewhat. A thinning hairline front should be very soft. That softness is hardly achievable by using traditional head donor hair. FUE avoids linear scarring which is a tell tale evidence of strip surgery. FUE by SFET typically would leave a donor area that is clean and devoid of cosmetically significant scarring.