Head and Body FUE SFET Repair

*Treatment results may vary
11 of 2012

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Hair Loss Level: Hair loss Level NW5 with previous transplants Surgery: Previous hair restoration strip surgeries done at another Los Angeles hair transplant clinic had depleted his head donor with still more baldness to resolve he opted for a combination of follicular unit extraction ( FUE ) using head donor and body hair transplantation (BHT) to add density to His frontal and mid scalp. Both procedures were carried out using the single follicle extraction and transfer (SFET) method. 1767 grafts derived from the chest and abdomen and 750 from the nape, as well as 597 from the head were added to the hairline, frontal scalp and mid scalp. Lessons: Body hair is a resource for patients whose head hair donor supply is running out. In this case it did a good job of giving this patient the filler effect he desires for a natural looking hair transplant.