Head FUE and Leg BHT

*Treatment results may vary
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Hair Loss Level: Hair loss Level NW 3 Surgery: 2500 grafts derived from the head, nape were used for this hair restoration. Lessons: The patient came to me after a previous attempt at follicular Unit extraction (FUE) at a clinic in Mexico had failed. In Mexico, the patient reported that all aspects of the follicular unit extraction were done by technicians instead of the doctor. Follicular unit extraction requires a very high skill level with very little margin for error each time a follicle is extracted. In the state of California, any skin incision is considered surgery hence a surgical act occurs with each of the hundreds and thousands of grafts that is incised each time a single hair follicle is scored in the process of FUE. This is unlike the follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS ) where a surgical act occurs only during the cutting out of the strip of flesh and suturing. Hence, while it is negligent for a doctor to perform FUE without the necessary skill and training, the result being head donor depletion by follicular holocaust, it is illegal in many developed parts of the world for non licensed persons to be performing surgery. Surgery is performed with each incision made at the time of each follicular unit extraction. Hair transplant costs varies widely, however, patients should not base their choice of a hair restoration clinic or doctor on cost or geographic proximity alone.