Head and Beard Hair FUE-BHT

*Treatment results may vary
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Hair Loss Level: NW 6 with previous thin hair transplant Crown area is the next step in his hair restoration process Surgery: Patient received over 4500 grafts derived from the head, nape and beard. The patient also had grafts placed in the linear strip scar that he had sustained from his previous hair restoration strip scar he had sustained from the follicular unit transplantation ( FUT ) he underwent at another clinic. Because of the previous FUT surgery, his head donor was depleted. Using the Umar procedure and BHT, I derived 4500 from his head, nape as well as beard hair. This process conserves his head donor which can be used in future hair transplants to address the crown. Lessons: By using body hair transplantation techniques of FUE – SFET, I am able to make optimal use of the donor supply an treat even severely bald individuals. Even patients that have had previous surgeries are good candidates. Placing beard grafts in an old strip surgery scar does a good job of camouflaging it and making it less obvious even at shorter hair cuts. A short hair cut in balding individuals reduces the balding effect.