FUE-SFET using head and nape hair

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Hair Loss Level: Abnormal hairline scar and recession and shape as well as abnormal hair angle. Surgery: The patient, who had undergone a Juri flap procedure several years prior, was repaired by me using only 2050 grafts that were derived from the head and nape using FUE - SFET. Flap surgeries for the purpose of hair restoration and hair replacement used to be commonly performed, but with the advent of follicular unit hair transplantation. Technical terms include that describe these flap surgeries include Temperoparietal-occipital (aka Juri flaps or Fleming Mayer) and temperoparietal flaps (Elliot flaps). The Juri flap operation relocates large areas of dense, growing hair. Problems associated with the results of these surgeries are mostly found in the esthetics of the hairline. Commonly, the hairline is too straight, defined by a scar, a backward directed hair angle, and abnormally blunted temporal recesses. The sharp hairline makes an unnatural transition from the hairline to the temple points and the hairline symmetry is too abrupt and abnormal. The Juri flap causes the hair to point in the wrong direction (to the sides and backwards) and when balding progresses, it leaves a big hole in the balding area, which makes it hard to conceal.