UGraft FUE-BHT hair transplantation using head and body hair

*Treatment results may vary
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Hair Loss Level: NW6 Baldness Surgery: The patient had NW 6 baldness, and bad hair transplant results from hair restoration surgeries done at several other clinics. Prior to seeing me, these poor hair transplant results resulted in: •Several large widened strip scars that wrapped around his head. •Scars in the crown and front from an attempt to suture a wig permanently by an outfit in New Jersey •Poorly angled large plugs consisting of 5-6 hairs •Severe pitting •Depleted head donor supply He was told by several hair transplant doctors and clinics that he was beyond repair and to wait for hair cloning or hair multiplication. Resigned to his faith, the patient resorted to wearing a hairpiece. He had his first surgery with me in September of 2005. For his overall repair I used my then recently invented version of follicular unit extraction ( FUE ) called Single Follicle Extraction and Transfer ( SFET ) to transplant over 16000 grafts derived from the chest, stomach area, arms and legs. About 2000 grafts were taken from the beard and another 1500 grafts from mainly the nape area. With this, I obliterated the scars, and restored his NW 6 area advancing his hairline to a NW0 level. This hair transplant repair would have been impossible to achieve with head hair surgery based surgeries alone or by traditional strip hair transplant surgeries.