Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

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Background: This San Francisco woman in her 30’s consulted with me, interested in a non-surgical Rhinoplasty. She had felt for a long time that her nose was a little too short and the tip was flat and lacked definition. While she was aware that she would like some improvements in her nose, she was not interested in having a surgical procedure.
Her goals were to:

1. Add definition to her tip
2. Make the nose look less "flat"
3. Avoid surgery

My Assessment: She has a very attractive face and some good characteristics to her nose. The tip cartilages were strong and actually had definition, however they were very far apart and gave the nose a flat, square appearance. Another thing she hadn't considered was augmenting the bridge, which could make the nose longer and more elegant.

Procedures: Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty injecting Restylane to build her dorsum, and add tip definition.

5-Day Follow Up: She is seen 5 days later and because of the limited nature of her nose surgery in San Francisco, she can already appreciate her great result. The nose appears longer, with more character and definition.