Allograft (Alloderm), Breast Augmentation, Breast Enhancement, Revision Breast Surgery

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This 40 year old patient was interested in breast revision surgery to correct the encapsulation she was experiencing after her breast augmentation surgery as well as her revision breast augmentation. She presented with bilateral capsular contracture after multiple breast surgeries. It is quite normal for the body to produce some scar tissue around the breast implant. Occasionally, an excessive amount of scar tissue is formed and it contracts or shrinks around the implant making the implant feel unacceptably firm. If the capsular contracture is mild, the breast or breasts are moderately firm. If severe, the breasts can appear distorted and be hard and very uncomfortable for the patient. The capsulectomy tissue deficit was addressed with Strattice Reconstructive Tissue Matrix reinforcement. The patient is currently 6 months post-op and has bilateral 435cc silicone gel breast implants.