Lesion Removal, Excision

*Treatment results may vary
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Background: This 24 year old woman from the San Francisco East Bay area consulted with Dr Mabrie to resolve a pigmented lesion she had on her face. The lesion had been present for many years, then began to change in size, shape, and color. She was referred to me for evaluation by her family physician. She wanted a cosmetic surgeon that specialized in the face and in removing lesions to assure she would get the best possible cosmetic result.
My Assessment: We were very concerned because a change in color, size, or shape can indicate the possibility of skin cancer. Because of this concern, we biopsied the lesion first and the diagnosis was a blue nevus, a benign lesion. Fortunately, the location lends itself to excellent reconstructive results and her scar healed very well.

Procedure: Lesion Removal, In-Office with Local Anesthesia

6 Week Follow-Up: “She is healing very well, and the scar is very discreet. She is thrilled with her results.”