Rhinoplasty - Refine tip, Widen Dorsum

*Treatment results may vary
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Background: This is a 21 year old. She had a history of trauma a few years ago. Her concerns were to: 1. Primarily reduce the bump in her nasal dorsum, 2. Resolve her difficulty in breathing, 3. To smooth the lines in her nose, and 4. To maintain the look and character of her nose.
My Assessment: “I noticed during our consultation that the nasal tip is disproportionately wide compared to the very narrow dorsum. We discussed refining the tip and slightly widening the dorsum with a small cartilage graft. In addition, during the intranasal exam, I noticed that she had hypertrophied turbinates and a moderately deviated septum. These issues can be resolved easily in conjunction with traditional Rhinoplasty surgery.”
Procedure: Open Rhinoplasty. Dome sutures to define tip, Hump reduction, and Cartilage graft above tip to improve symmetry
6 Month Follow-Up: The changes are natural and maintain the character of her face, while smoothing the lines in her nose. From a frontal view, you can see by narrowing the tip and widening the dorsum, her nose is balanced and well proportioned.