Buttock implant

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Buttock augmentation with buttock implants. Just as there are many sizes of breast implants, there are also many styles and sizes of buttock implants. The exact style and shape I use is tailored to the patient’s current buttock size and shape, and the patient’s wishes for how much augmentation he or she wishes to achieve. Buttock implants are made of the same material as breast implants, medial grade silicone. Since sexy buttocks are slightly more firm than breasts, the buttock implants are slightly more firm than the standard breast implants. The implants can be placed through a small incision located in the intergluteal crease (the crease between the two buttock cheeks, commonly called the “butt crack”). In this position the incision is well hidden and typically not noticeable. The surgery only takes about one hour and can be done as an outpatient. Usually patients may return to work after a week as long as they do not do any heavy lifting at work. After about three weeks the patients may return to light exercise, and after six to eight weeks usually heavy lifting and intense exercise is permitted.