Fraxel repair in conjunction with multiple lasers

*Treatment results may vary
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79 year old male with acne scarring, brown spots, wrinkles, sun damage, rhinophyma (overgrowth of sebaceous tisse on nose), rosacea and large blood vessels on nose. Also history of precancers. I used the Fraxel Repair over the entire face, with the exception of the nose, where I used to CO2 to reshape his nose. I also used the CO2 laser to address the mole on his left upper lip. I used the Vbeam Perfecta and the Gentle YAG to treat the redness and vessels on his nose. I also used the q-switched alexandrite to treat individual brown spots on his face. All these lasers were used together in one treatment session to yield the best result, and the patient only had one week of social downtime. He does have a zinc-based sunblock on in the after photo.