Butt Lift in a prior Tummy Tuck Patient

*Treatment results may vary
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This woman had had a tummy tuck a few years prior and was pleased with how it improved her front side. She was still displeased with how her back seemed to have "rolls" that improved little with liposuction. She wanted some of the "tightness" that the tummy tuck offered her tummy to make its way to her back.

A "Butt Lift" is basically like a tummy tuck for the back side. It is the back half of a Lower Body Lift procedure and can frequently be added to the tummy tuck patient with a back side that appears somewhat saggy. It offers "tightening" when liposuction doesn't seem to do the trick.

Remember the liposuction does very little if anything for patients with more than just a little saggy skin. Her result here is a bit early at ten weeks out, but shows a nice improvement.