Saline Breast Implant Redo with Scar Removal and Breast Lift

*Treatment results may vary
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This young woman had had silicone breast implants years before and had an accident at which time her right implant ruptured, became infected and had to be removed.

Before her surgery here she appears with no implant in her right side and with an old silicone implant in her left. Her breast tissue has become saggy over the remaining implant. Scar tissue has formed in the "no implant" side making "getting a good match" with further surgery more difficult.

The surgery here was removal of her remaining breast implant and scar capsules with breast lift surgery along with the placement of saline breast implants on both sides. At six weeks she was very pleased with the improvement.

Re-operative surgery in these circumstances is not ideal, but sometimes these kinds of problems arise and we either leave things as is or try for improvement.