Facial Dermafillers

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Background: This Bay Area patient is a mother and Sign Language Interpreter in her 40's. She was unhappy with her deep nasolabial folds and constant look of exhaustion. Dissatisfied with her previous silicon treatment results, she sought a less permanent solution with a local San Francisco Medi-Spa. Her Medi-Spa injector deemed her case complex, and referred her to Dr. Mabrie for a more advanced dermafiller treatment. Assessment: "During my assessment, we walked through each of her concerns. I found the challenge with her nasolabial folds to be that they would deepen further with mouth animation, making them difficult to treat with filler alone. In addition, I determined that the main cause for her tired appearance was the tear trough area, but it was also very interesting to find that the right cheek was less developed than the left. This combination resulted in mild/moderate facial asymmetry." Treatment: Botox was applied to her nasolabial folds to soften and relax the laugh lines. She also received three syringes of Restylane to her tear troughs and cheeks to address both the look of exhaustion, and facial asymmetry. Most of the treatment was applied to the right side. Treatment was received over two sessions. Follow-Up: This is a great case to illustrate the importance of facial symmetry in relation to attractiveness. At baseline, this patient has great bone structure and a naturally attractive face. By slightly augmenting her right side, we were able to significantly improve her appearance!