Under Eyes + Phenol Peel

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Does Phenol Peel Work on Dark Circles Around Eyes?

I have had many different treatments for my dark circles like Fraxel Laser, ultrasound, glycolic peels, microdermabrasion and fillers. I have used a... READ MORE

Rough Patches Normal After Phenol Peel?

I'm aware that the healing process after a Phenol Peel takes a while. However, 2 weeks after receiving Phenol Peel under my eyes and the skin is vey... READ MORE

Will TCA Peel Minimize Demarcation Lines from Phenol Peel?

I am getting an upper lid Blepharoplasty and at the same time a Phenol Peel under my eyes. I am getting a TCA peel on the rest of the face. Will... READ MORE

What can be done about the bumpy texture and raised red line under my eyes after phenol peel done 7 weeks ago. (photos)

I tried cortisone 1% and my skin got more inflamed and itchy. Dr. perscribed desonide .05% which I used 3 x's. Skin is more red, not itchy. The bumps... READ MORE

Phenol Peel under eyes and around mouth done 5 weeks ago. Healing poorly. Is this common?

What concerns me is the texture of the skin. It is rough (bumpy) and there are two raised thick lines under my left eye. Can they be keloids. Under... READ MORE

I had an under eye phenol peel, one of my eyes has a deep red line under it, making it look like I have a bag under my eye.

I had the peel 4 weeks ago and healed fine than after 2 weeks the red half moon line under eye appeared. I have been putting vitamin e oil under but... READ MORE

Help!! I had a partial phenol peel under my eyes and upper cheek area! Can I use a self tanning cream for demarcation lines?

Now I have demarcation lines-can I use a self tanning cream to correct this? Or what can I do now? I don't have the downtime for another peel for the... READ MORE

Please tell me when my phenol peel will begin to peel??

I had a phenol peel just under my eyes and upper cheeks 3 days ago. It is still bright red. I am keeping Vaseline on it as much as I can. Can you tell... READ MORE

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