Swelling + Permanent Makeup

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How Long is the Recovery from Permanent Eye Makeup?

How long does the swelling & red skin & bruising last for permanant eye makeup and any pictures? READ MORE

Why is my Permanent Eyeliner Fading So Soon?

3 wks ago, I had permanent eyeliner applied. I followed the aftercare to a tee, stayed out of sun, stayed away from direct shower spray, did A & D... READ MORE

What Can I Do for Swollen Eyes After Permanent Eyeliner?

I just did my permanent eyeliner yestarday and my eyes are too swollen and red...also I'm in pain and I feel so tired my eyes... please somebody... READ MORE

I Want to Know Why my Permanent Eye Liner Application Was So Incredibly Painful!!

I had permanent eye liner applied a week ago. If was incredibly painful! Everything I have read says that is will be "Annoying" of... READ MORE

I had eyebrow semi-permanent make-up done 10 days ago. I'm worried about puffy lumps, getting worse

The eyebrows themselves are fine - she did a good job. My worry is that I have been left with swelling both above the brows on both sides and below,... READ MORE

Burgundy brows when I asked for dark brown. Would a TCA peel remove them? (Photo)

I know it's difficult to know what the final outcome will be since I just had my brows done yesterday, but I am noticing the ink looks BURGUNDY! I... READ MORE

What can be done to reduce swelling after perm makeup procedure?

I was told you could use ice. is that safe and any other helpful treatments READ MORE

I had permanent eyeliner done to my upper lids almost 4 days ago. I am a 41 yr old female and I smoke. Any suggestions? (photo)

My left eye seems to be healing alright. But my right eye seems to not want to go down as far as swelling. Its very sore and it stings very badly if i... READ MORE

Any Suggestions for quick healing of Permanent Eyeliner bruises and swelling? (Photos)

Just had eyebrows microbladed and eyeliner today. Following instructions for day 1, which include splashing with cold water, and applying Neosporin... READ MORE

I had my touch up session of eyebrow tattoo yesterday. One looks much thicker, will the swelling go down soon?

I had my first eyebrow tattoo done six weeks ago, and I got a free touchup yesterday to fix any light or uneven spots. One eyebrow looks much thicker... READ MORE

'Invisible' upper lash line semi permanent eyeliner - days later eyes very irritated and teary normal?

I got liner right below/on the upper lashes, above the 'water line'. That was Sunday. It was excruciating but afterwards I was ok. Now it's Wednesday... READ MORE

Tattooed eyebrows. Discomfort and swelling. What is the best lotion to use?

I've been told I'm anemic and on ferrous fumarate 210mg three times a day . I got my eyebrows tattooed 5 days ago and still fell discomfort and still... READ MORE

it's 9 days post semi permanent eyeliner done and my left eye hurts in the edge and when I look on the left it aches.

I decided to get semi permanent eyeliner done, I had my first session on the Wednesday, then after the swelling calmed down i went back for a topup/... READ MORE

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