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Permanent Makeup Removal ~ Partially Removed?

My tatooed eyebrows are too close together - is there a way to remove only part of the eyebrow? READ MORE

Method to Safely Speedup the Fading of Permanent Eyebrows and Hopefully Eventually Erase?

I have a permanent eyebrow done recently, and wish it has never happened. The brows are too arched, one side is more arched than the other. Laser... READ MORE

What is the best way to remove eyebrows tattoo without damaging my eyebrows hair follicle ?

I had eyebrows hair implants two years ago and the tattoo is too dark and too high then my eyebrows implants READ MORE

Any suggestions for semi permanent eyebrow removal ?

Hi, I've recently had rejuvi treatment done on my eyebrows as I have made a terrible mistake and had semipermanent makeup done which was a complete... READ MORE

I had my eyebrows tattooed less than 24 hours ago. Can I do anything to remove just a fraction of that thin line??????

My only complaint is that one extends way too long pass the end of my brow bone and I do not want the other one extended to match.. READ MORE

Has Anyone Had Laser to Remove Tattoo Eyeliner?

I had my eyebrows and eyeliner done 2 years ago and they are to dark for me. I had brown done on my eyebrows and when I went back for a touch up they... READ MORE

How Can I Fix or Remove my Permanent Eyeliner? (photo)

I had permanent eyeliner applied to my top lids about 3 years ago. The result was uneven, and too thick near the corner of my eyes. The color... READ MORE

Would I need to get my eyebrows shaved before laser tattoo removal?

I got the tattoos when I thought my hair wasn't going to grow back in but it did and now I want them removed. How necessary is it that they shave that... READ MORE

How Soon Can I Have Laser Eyebrow Tattoo Removal After Rejuvi Chemical Remover Treatment?

I had a rejuvi treatment for eyebrows which is big here in Europe in nov (2 months after my eyebrow tattoo) and a second treatment 2 months later in... READ MORE

Had my Eyebrows Done with Softap Method, No Gun Involved. Where in Illinois Can I Go to Erase Them?

I dont like shape/color of my new eyebrows. Had them done 2 1/2 weeks ago by softap metod; no gun involved. Rubbed some of the color off myself-very... READ MORE

Permanant Eyeliner Removal

I had permanant eyeliner and the blue faded into the corners of my eyes. Is there a process to have this removed. I look like my eyeliner is running... READ MORE

Where Can I Get my Eyebrows Removed?

Please could u help me i hate my eyebrows and need them removed they are mis shaped could u tell me were i could get them removed in liverpool READ MORE

In Boston, Who Can Remove Eyeliner Tattoo?

I had semi-permanent eyeliner in 2005 - the bottom is still very dark and misplaced(too low) ugh .. I look very harsh. I have been waiting for this to... READ MORE

Does E-raze Work to Remove Permanent Eyebrow Make Up?

I have just had disaterous permanent eyebrows done. i am so devastated and need to look at options of removal. Whilst everyone praises Q switch lasers... READ MORE

I Had Permament Eyeliner Done but Hate It, Can I Have It Lasered in the Uk

I had black eyeliner done on the top through my lash line but it is uneven and also goes above the lash line and is now slowly going blue, i had them... READ MORE

What's the best way to remove semi permanent make up on brows? Ink has iron oxide in (Photo)

2yrs ago I had spm to my brows. Theyre awful. Ive had 3 rejuvi & 1 saline attempts at removal. Theyre now a grey colour. I recently went for laser &... READ MORE

Eyebrow (iron oxide) tattoo removal? (photos)

I have a terrible result from having my eyebrows tatooted. The practionioner used iron oxide ink. Is there a safe way to have it romoved? It is my... READ MORE

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