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Method to Safely Speedup the Fading of Permanent Eyebrows and Hopefully Eventually Erase?

I have a permanent eyebrow done recently, and wish it has never happened. The brows are too arched, one side is more arched than the other. Laser... READ MORE

Lightening dark and dense permanent makeup on eyebrows?

My eyebrows are too dark and dense. I had my eyebrows tattooed with permanent makeup 2 years ago. How can I speed up the lightening process? READ MORE

How Does a Dry Tattoo Work?

I've tried tp look-up "dry tattooing" online, and haven't found much. Is it done the same way as regular tattooing, just without the ink?... READ MORE

What to Do After 7 Days of Permanent Eyeliner is Infected?

Permanent eyeliner 7 days ago, followed instructions, got better, then became itchy, oozing mucus, used allergy eye med, got better, still itchy but... READ MORE

Without Laser How Do Get Rid of Blue Lips From Tattooed Make-Up?

Lips were tattooed about 2 years ago ...They turned blue after 21 days went back for touch up hoping that would fix the problem. After 5 different... READ MORE

How can I fade my tattooed eyebrows faster?

I had My eyebrows done just last night and I not happy at all I wish this never happened. Want to do everything to fade then fast. I read about some... READ MORE

I got permanent tattooed eyebrows last night. Will the color calm down? Can I have them removed or make them less thick? (Photo)

They look horrible they are too big and dark and I tried to wash them off because I had a panic attack... I have severe anxiety and I'm now falling... READ MORE

Permanent Medical Tattoo for Hypopigmented Scars Upper Back?

I have a lot of white scars on upper back from post inflammatory scars (due to excoriations) I would like to blend in a natural color on the white... READ MORE

How to lighten lips?

I recently got my lips lined and filled and the shade is a little too dark for me - is there anything I can do to lighten the color? READ MORE

Permanent Eyeliner Gone Bad (photo)

I recently had a cosmetic tattoo procedure of the the eyeliner and the lady "accidently" got some on the bottom of my eye so now it looks... READ MORE

How to Lighten & Change Shape of Tattooed Eyebrows?

After having eyebrows tattooed before successfully but faded way too soon. Went to different place & OMG! Groucho Marx is reincarnated! Several... READ MORE

Will my eyeliner disappear then reappear dark? (Photo)

My artist said my eyeliner will disappear when the scabs come off then will reappear in a week or so an actually look like I have eyeliner on? I've... READ MORE

Suggestions to Lighten/Soften Areola Permanent MakeUp?

I had permanent makeup placed around the white scar of my areola only 2 years after a benelli lift. The result a week later is still very dark thick,... READ MORE

What to Do when a Tatoo Makeup Accident Happens?

I went in for my second appointment. She decided to use a machine rather than by hand. While the final stroke is being made to the edge of my eye for... READ MORE

Removing Permanent Make Up

Had permanent Eyebrow done in 1993 It was very ugly & Green & I had 3 sittings with dermabrasion to remove it & though it lightened it a... READ MORE

How Can I Correct Permanent Eyeliner Migration?

How Can I Correct Permanent Eyeliner Migration? READ MORE

What's the best way to remove semi permanent make up on brows? Ink has iron oxide in (Photo)

2yrs ago I had spm to my brows. Theyre awful. Ive had 3 rejuvi & 1 saline attempts at removal. Theyre now a grey colour. I recently went for laser &... READ MORE

I Had Permament Eyeliner Done but Hate It, Can I Have It Lasered in the Uk

I had black eyeliner done on the top through my lash line but it is uneven and also goes above the lash line and is now slowly going blue, i had them... READ MORE

Is Lidocaine Strong Enough for Pain Control During Permanent Make Up Application? Anything Better?

The lidocaine is 4% that I am using and is not working....what do you suggest? READ MORE

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