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What is the healing process for lips permanent makeup?

On the third day after permanent make up, my lips Start to peel on large piece and I see absolutely no color. Is this normal? READ MORE

Why Did my Lips Turn Blue/purple After Permanent Makeup Application?

I had permanent lip colour - 3 X but my lips have a bluish/purplish tinge ? Why? And what can I do to fix them? READ MORE

Would Lip Wrinkles Affect Permanent Makeup Results?

About cosmetic dermatology: I want to have a Permanent makeup on my lips. But I'm an older lady and I have wrinkles surrounding my lips, they are... READ MORE

Semi-permanent Makeup to Cover Lip Scar?

I have a bad reaction on my lower lip and would like to know if semi permanent make up would cover the uneven tone until its able to fully turnover.... READ MORE

Acid Injection for Removal of Lip Liner?

I had my full lips done one week ago and the top lip liner is too high, the woman who did this said that it should be fine after they heal (6weeks)... READ MORE

Without Laser How Do Get Rid of Blue Lips From Tattooed Make-Up?

Lips were tattooed about 2 years ago ...They turned blue after 21 days went back for touch up hoping that would fix the problem. After 5 different... READ MORE

Are There Any Injections That Change the Color of my Lips?

I'm 21 years male my upper lip is darker than the down lip and from the side they told me to do tattoo but I don't look girly am sry so what... READ MORE

Can You Reduce/Soften Lip Size/Shape with Perminant Makeup?

Hello, I dont like my lip shape, My upper lip is too large and pointy and my lower lip is too small. Is it possible to make my upper lip look smaller... READ MORE

Can Permanent Makeup Blackened by Laser Be Corrected?

Can someone with permanent lipcolor that was blackened by laser have the color reversed by implanting a correction pigment into it? Is there anything... READ MORE

Retouching Permanent Lip Liner After Laser Treatment?

My question is after having horrible Permanent make up lip liner lasered, it turned gray. How long after Laser treatments would one have to wait to... READ MORE

Is Lip Tatooing Good for Hispanic Women? I'm 56 Considering It

Is Lip Tatooing Good for Hispanic Women I'm 56 Considering It READ MORE

I Had my Lips Tattooed but They Came out Too Light? (photo)

I did permanent makeup lip color tattoo and it came out too light, not bright but light like my skin color and its only on my top lip near mylip line.... READ MORE

How Can I Remove or Fade Permanent Lip Makeup?

I had full-lip and liner applied and it is too much for me. What can I do to fade it out? READ MORE

Dry Lips After Tattoo

Got my Lips Tattooed About 3 Years Ago This Nov. Now They Seem Very Dry All the Time. At, times they feel like they are swollen. If I lick them to... READ MORE

I Just Had my Eyebrow Tattooed Its Peeling off but the Colour Desapierd It Just Made a Pink Mark, What Should I Do?

I done my tattoo alone it looks nice dark befor peeling off but now it started to peel but the places that have peeled dosnt have a colour it just... READ MORE

Lip Tattoo Colour Advice?

I have light tanned skin with light brown lips with a hint of blue on my outer lips and pink in the middle. My colourings are similar to Indian and... READ MORE

I Had my Lips Tattooed and Now They Feel Very Tight. When Does This Feeling Go Away?

I'm wondering if it's normal for my lips to still have a tight numbing feeling to them. They feel a little swollen even though I don't... READ MORE

It's Almost 2 Months..why Do my Lips Swell Up Today?

I had a permanent lipstick procedure 2 months ago and today I woke with puffy lips with little hives/bumps/blisters under the skin. Some areas feels... READ MORE

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