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Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo Regret ~ What to Do?

Hi, I recently went in for a permanent eyeliner tattoo consultation, but somehow got sucked in to it right then, right there. The lines don't seem... READ MORE

Why is my Permanent Eyeliner Fading So Soon?

3 wks ago, I had permanent eyeliner applied. I followed the aftercare to a tee, stayed out of sun, stayed away from direct shower spray, did A & D... READ MORE

Eyeliner Tattoo Gone Wrong Please Help? (photo)

My names dayna and i recently got my eyeliner tattoo done at salon 360 in dearborn michigan and the lady mona messed it up big time!!! i spent 350 for... READ MORE

Permanent Eyeliner Flaked off Leaving Very Little Color After 1 Week?

I had permanent eyeliner applied to top and bottom lids. Color started flaking off after 3 days, by a week much of the color is gone. I contacted the... READ MORE

I Am Considering Getting a Permanent Eyeliner & Wondering if It Could Cause my Eyelashes to Stop Growing or Fall Out?

I Am Considering Getting a Permanent Eyeliner & Wondering if It Could Cause my Eyelashes to Stop Growing or Fall Out? READ MORE

Permanent eyeliner over extended too large on one eye only. What can I do?

I got upper & lower done, but the shape was wrong with hook like horns before the edge/end of eye. No worry, thinking it would be corrected in... READ MORE

Can Restasis Affect Permanent Eyeliner?

I did a permanent eyeliner procedure on a client that uses restasis. Can the product take the pigment out? READ MORE

Permanent Eyeliner Gone Bad (photo)

I recently had a cosmetic tattoo procedure of the the eyeliner and the lady "accidently" got some on the bottom of my eye so now it looks... READ MORE

Permanent Eyeliner - Advised Not to Moisturise? (photo)

I had permanent eyeliner done last week. The lady is very reputable, experienced, has all accreditations and uses medical grade equipment. However she... READ MORE

Laser or Saline Solution-Which is Best for Black Permanent Makeup Eyeliner Correction?

About 3 weeks ago I had a permanent makeup eyeliner "touch up" done on my eyes. There is pigment migration occuring now. The lower lash... READ MORE

Will Alpha-arbutin Help to Lighten my Permanent Eye Liner?

I had permanent eye liner six years ago and loved it. Six months ago I had it retouched and now it's very dark. I hate the harsh way it looks.... READ MORE

Why Did my Permanent Eyeliner Peel, Twice?

I had my eyeliner done three weeks ago. The entire strip peeled off, taking the pigment with it. I went back for a touch up and to make the lines... READ MORE

Has Anyone Had Laser to Remove Tattoo Eyeliner?

I had my eyebrows and eyeliner done 2 years ago and they are to dark for me. I had brown done on my eyebrows and when I went back for a touch up they... READ MORE

The Dye from the Eyeliner Has Seeped Under my Skin Below my Eye How Can I Remove It?

The tatoo artist who did my permanent eye-liner cut into my tear duct and the dye ran into my skin. so i have a permanent "black eye" - the... READ MORE

How to Remove Excess Pigment from Eyeliner Tattoo?

I just had an eyeliner tattoo procedure done 2 days ago. how to remove excess pigment that is not part of the eye line? READ MORE

Permanent Eyeliner- Do Not Wash? (photo)

I had permanent eyeliner done 2 days ago. The lady said to get the best results not to wash for 8 days. I have super thick eyelashes so the little... READ MORE

How Can I Fix or Remove my Permanent Eyeliner? (photo)

I had permanent eyeliner applied to my top lids about 3 years ago. The result was uneven, and too thick near the corner of my eyes. The color... READ MORE

How Long Can I Expect my Permanent Eyeliner to Last?

I have had my eyebrows permamanently applied last year and they are already half gone. READ MORE

I Have Had Eyeliner.how Do I Remove Colour Migration on Eyeliner Procedure?

I had an eyeliner a week ago and the colour has migration into the skin how do i remove this? will this disappear on it own? READ MORE

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