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Permanent Makeup Eyebrows

A doctor friend of mine told me that tattoos darken with age. I'm thinking about getting my eyebrows tattooed, but don't want dark eyebrows... READ MORE

Permanent Makeup to Hide Stretch Marks?

Is it possible to get permanent make up to camouflage three year old stretch marks that are about two shades lighter than my actual skin tone? I an... READ MORE

Does Anyone Do Permanent Makeup with Sedation?

I tried to have permanent eyeliner done and could not finish the procedure due to the pain and the anxiety of the procedure. I kept trying to grab... READ MORE

What is the Best Numbing Cream for Use During Permanent Makeup Application?

I'm planning to have a permanent eyebrow, I want to stay beautiful painlessly! my friend told me, it is so painful, what is the best numbing cream I... READ MORE

Would Lip Wrinkles Affect Permanent Makeup Results?

About cosmetic dermatology: I want to have a Permanent makeup on my lips. But I'm an older lady and I have wrinkles surrounding my lips, they are... READ MORE

Do Eyebrow Tattoos Sag Along with the Skin?

When you get old and your skin sags, does the eyebrow tattoo sag with your skin or will it stay where it was originally done? READ MORE

Semi-permanent Makeup to Cover Lip Scar?

I have a bad reaction on my lower lip and would like to know if semi permanent make up would cover the uneven tone until its able to fully turnover.... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have Your Eyebrows Tattooed 2 Weeks After Having Botox?

Is It Safe to Have Your Eyebrows Tattooed 2 Weeks After Having Botox? READ MORE

How Does a Dry Tattoo Work?

I've tried tp look-up "dry tattooing" online, and haven't found much. Is it done the same way as regular tattooing, just without the ink?... READ MORE

Does Permanent Make-up Damage the Hair Follicles? (photo)

I'm concidering permanent make-up for eyebrows and upper eyelids. My eyelashes are sparse and hardly grow. I have basically no eyelashes on lower... READ MORE

Acid Injection for Removal of Lip Liner?

I had my full lips done one week ago and the top lip liner is too high, the woman who did this said that it should be fine after they heal (6weeks)... READ MORE

I Am Considering Getting a Permanent Eyeliner & Wondering if It Could Cause my Eyelashes to Stop Growing or Fall Out?

I Am Considering Getting a Permanent Eyeliner & Wondering if It Could Cause my Eyelashes to Stop Growing or Fall Out? READ MORE

How to make my eyebrow embroidery fade faster?

I get myself an eyebrow embroidery and regretted alot for it. It looks so unnatural, different from what people told me that embroidery looks more... READ MORE

Dallas Permanent Eyebrow Makeup Provider Recommendations

Can anybody recommend to me a provider in Dallas where I can get permanent eyebrow makeup? Thanks! READ MORE

Are There Any Injections That Change the Color of my Lips?

I'm 21 years male my upper lip is darker than the down lip and from the side they told me to do tattoo but I don't look girly am sry so what... READ MORE

Re-tatoo lighter shade around lip to get rid of dark liner?

I had my lip liner done 4 years ago and she completely ruined my lips. The line is extremely uneven and one side goes in to my lip. And to top it off... READ MORE

Can I Get a Mole Surgically Put Onto my Face for Cosmetic Reasons?

I want to get a mole above my lip on the right side, kind of like madonna's i guess, but a little different. Not too big and not too small. I was... READ MORE

Can You Reduce/Soften Lip Size/Shape with Perminant Makeup?

Hello, I dont like my lip shape, My upper lip is too large and pointy and my lower lip is too small. Is it possible to make my upper lip look smaller... READ MORE

Permanent Makeup on Waterline?

Can you get permanent makeup tattooed on the waterline of your eye? Not the lower lash line, but above your lower lashes, where some women wear... READ MORE

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