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Perlane for Under Eye Hollows?

I am only 19, however, the area under my eyes is very hollow and the doctor said she would inject along the bone to fill the area. I am not too... READ MORE

What is the best filler that lasts the longest for under eyes?

What is the best filler that last the longest for under eyes? Also, I am having a C02 laser treatment. It was suggested that I have the fillers done... READ MORE

Perlane for Crow's Feet?

I am getting Perlane on Monday. My wants to inject 2 syringes under my eyes for my flat cheeks. Will this filler also work on crow's feet? Will they... READ MORE

Does Steam Room Cause Effects of Fillers & Botox To Wear Out Faster?

I have had fillers injected around my under eye and cheek areas, botox for my jaw and chin. However, as I love using the steam room after my workouts,... READ MORE

Under Eye Swelling After Perlane Injections in Nasolabial Folds

I had pearlane injected into my nasal labial folds on June 5th. a week later my right eye swelled up,I have had trouble ever since, I have a big bag... READ MORE

Was the Recommendations During My Consult for Botox/filler Correct? (photo)

Hello! I'm 36 yrs old, olive skinned, 5'3" 110 lbs that has never had anything done. No wrinkles when resting, however over the past year, have... READ MORE

I Can Feel Product Perlane for Undereye. Is This Normal? (photo)

Hi. I'm 19 and I had Perlane injected in my tear trough area one day ago.The nurse did explain and said that she would be injecting in deeper than how... READ MORE

Are my tear troughs still over filled or was the placement wrong? (photos)

I had perlane injected in my tear troughs one month ago. I swelled horribly but eventually the swelling subsided. Since then I have had a thin "ridge"... READ MORE

The perlane has changed my facial features and now I look fat in my face. Why is that? And what to do?

I had perlane above the checks for puffines under eyes. I loved the resultat for the next couple of days, but now it seems Like it had migrated to my... READ MORE

What's causing the pressure after filler under eye?

Hi Doctors! My doctor injected a very small amount of perlane (20% of a full tube) under the hollows under my eyes yesterday (directly under pupil and... READ MORE

Can this poor Perlane result to Periorbital be fixed? (photos)

This time with photos. 4cc's of Perlane applied to my left eye 4 weeks ago. One pic shows bruising and swelling 1.5 wks post, the others are 3 wks... READ MORE

I had Perlane injected 6 days ago: I have severe bruising - Any suggestions?

I had Perlane injected 6 days ago. I have severe bruising below my eye and above my chin, on one side of my face. I look like I was punched in the... READ MORE

Perlane vs Restylane.

My doctor wants to try Perlane under my eyes and a baby amount in my lips. Last time we used restalyn and I loved it but could have used a bit more... READ MORE

Will the blisters under my skin from Perlane injections under my eyes ever go away?

I had a filler injected under my eyes. I think it was Perlane. I now have what looks sort of like a blister under the skin. It runs from the corner of... READ MORE

I had Perlane under my right eye to raise my lower eyelid and match it with the other but it was overcorrected

That was done 6 months ago. Then, after 4 injections with tiny ammounts of Hyaluronidase to fix it, some HA has been removed, but my eyelid is still... READ MORE

Discharge at night after Perlane, is this normal or a sign of infection?

I have Perlane 2 CC 2 days ago for eye hallows. I have been waking the last 2 nights with one eye (the one with the bruising - both are swollen) with... READ MORE

Lump under eye from year old Perlane injection. Might this resolve itself or could it be permanent? (photo)

I had perlane under my eyes in Nov 2015, then tweeked Feb '16. Injections done by experienced PA, referred to me by my derm- liked her. I returned Sep... READ MORE

I had my right under eye zone filled with Perlane to raise a droopy lower eyelid. It was overcorrected. Any suggestions? (photo)

After my 4 round with small ammounts of hyalorunidase to correct the problem I have ended up with a bag under my right eyelid. It's been a week since... READ MORE

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