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Fixing Bumps from Perlane Injections

I just had Perlane injections on my tear troughs. It seems as though she also injected it higher under the eye where I have fat deposits. This may... READ MORE

Swelling After Perlane? (photo)

Yesterday, I had .8 ml Restylane injected into tear troughs. Perlane injections to fill out cheek hollows, 2.5ml in right and 3.2ml in left. I am... READ MORE

Will I Look Like I Did Pre-treatment if I Wait for my Tear-trough Filler (Perlane) to Dissolve?

I had Perlane injected, likely superficially in February 2012. Its July and my bags are more pronounced, especially on the side that received the most... READ MORE

Help! Perlane visible tear trough! How long will this last? (photo)

Living in hell. I had perlane sucessfully diminished with hyalase. Now I am left with this. Perlane very visible, tyndall effect. Look like a freak in... READ MORE

Are my tear troughs still over filled or was the placement wrong? (photos)

I had perlane injected in my tear troughs one month ago. I swelled horribly but eventually the swelling subsided. Since then I have had a thin "ridge"... READ MORE

Festoon and Lax Skin Underneath Lower Eyelid. How to Best Treat It?

I had perlane put in my tear trough area about 1 yr ago. Dr couldn't get it right on my left side of face and left me with a crease due to filler... READ MORE

What is the best option for tear trough or eye hollow area - a filler or fat transfer? (Photo)

I am 38 and would the option that would give the best longer lasting results READ MORE

What is this tear trough deformity post Perlane filler? (Photo)

These issues appeared 2.5 wks post Perlane application to periorbita--after swelling, and is ever present now at 4 wks. The tubular bulge is very firm... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Try Juvederm if I Have an Allergy to Topical Lidocaine and Possibly Perlane?

3 years ago I had Juvederm injections with no problems. Last year I tried Perlane in the tear troughs and had a reaction 3 months later. It swelled up... READ MORE

Tear troughs treated, still looks bruised 5 weeks later. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi, i had my tear troughs filled with perlane now 5 weeks later it still looks like i have a small black eye. I went back l, she said it may be skin... READ MORE

2 months post op, puffy tear trough after perlane, on one side. Why is it happening and what can I do about it?

I had perlane (the one which less absorbs water;-) done deeply for TT by a very good dr. 2 months ago; puffiness still here, just above the TT. The dr... READ MORE

Tear trough filler has apparently pushed my vein out? (Photo)

I went back to the place that did my fillers, the nurse said the filler has pushed my vein out under my eye, now it looks like i have a black eye all... READ MORE

Is it possible that I was sold Perlane but injected with something else?

I had my tear troughs done. I was told I was getting restylane & perlane. It was busy in the Doctors office and he told me to go into the... READ MORE

Why do I have deeper tear troughs 4 months after perlane? (was told I was getting restylane). Reoccurring swelling. (photos)

Initially, there was a wierd ring around my left eye. The nurse who did it is unhelpful. Since February my eye has swollen every month for about 3/7... READ MORE

5 months post op Perlane filler under the eyes/ tear trough, I am swelling. Is this normal?

I have had perlane filler under my eyes/tear trough to reduce black circles(5months ago). But unfortunally am not a succes story. Regular one of my... READ MORE

Perlane in tear troughs 19 months ago and in cheeks 8 months ago. Now I have puffy bags under my eyes. (photos)

The puffy bags are on my bone line. Will getting it dissolved fix the bags? I am trying to get rid of the cheek filler as she injected quite close to... READ MORE

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