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1 Week After Full Syringe of Perlane to Lips and Still No Difference, Is this Normal?

My doctor used one full syringe of Perlane to plump my lips, define the borders and revitalize the two vertical columns which extend from your nose to... READ MORE

Is There Any Maximum Syringes for Perlane to Be Injected Lower Cheek (Same Area)

I have lost a lot of volume in the lower cheek area beside the nostrils to the corner of my mouth. Would 3 to 4 syringes be too much to be added in... READ MORE

Will Perlane Last Longer Because I Got 2 Syringes?

I went to a plastic surgeon to get a filler in my lips and smile lines. Due to miscommunication on my part he gave me a syringe on each side instead... READ MORE

Why am I experiencing so much more pain after Perlane injection when I have never had pain after Juvederm Ultra Plus?

I received a 1/2 syringe of Perlane yesterday to define my cheeks and now have a lot of pain and tenderness on both sides. I've had this done many... READ MORE

I am going back for my third filler. I need some guidance on which route to go. Any suggestions? (photos)

First filler I ever got was April 6th 1/2 syringe of Perlane. Which seemed to stay for about a week. The second filler I got was June 1st another 1/2... READ MORE

Cost of Perlane?

Hello, I paid $1500 for Perlane (one syringe). It was put in three places. I feel like I was way over charged, she told me it was $500 per area but... READ MORE

Injecting perlane could improve puffy eye bags and dark eye circles?

I have these puffy eye bags and dark eye circles since i was a teen. My doctor's assistant told me that I could benefit from getting 2 syringes... READ MORE

Last Friday the 22nd of May, I had lip fillers done with a dermatologist here in my town. It's not even a week and it's gone!

She injected half of a syringe of Perlane. She reccommended that because its more firmer. I went ahead and said thats fine cause shes the expert. Well... READ MORE

Perlane (Lyft) Results- when do I notice them?

I have had voluma in the past and wanted to get a touch up. I am 29 and looking for higher cheekbones with an "angular/stiff look" so my PS... READ MORE

With 60 units of Xeomine and 1 syringe of Perlane can I expect better results who is this as good as it gets? (photos)

I was told with 60 units of Xeomine, I should have absolutely no wrinkles around my eyes and forehead, but the frown lines between my eyes to me still... READ MORE

Did Perlane ever make 2.4 cc syringes available in Canada?

Hello Drs, I had Perlane injections about a year ago done by a Dr in Montreal Quebec. She said the company had released 2.4 cc syringes and used one... READ MORE

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