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What is the best filler that lasts the longest for under eyes?

What is the best filler that last the longest for under eyes? Also, I am having a C02 laser treatment. It was suggested that I have the fillers done... READ MORE

Perlane or Voluma to subtly plump up cheek area? (Photo)

I turn 39 soon and have noticed a decrease in cheek volume over the past 2 yrs. They are not sunken or sagging yet. I have a nice cheekbone and don't... READ MORE

Swelling and Lump After Injecting Perlane for Cheeks. What Can I Do?

Swelling and Lump After Injecting Perlane for Cheeks. i have done filler for my cheecks,nasolabial and marriot lines with 2ml of perlane.after... READ MORE

If Perlane is Injected Too Superficially Does It Take Longer to Break Down Than if It Were Injected Correctly?

I had perlane injections 6 months ago in marionette and nose to mouth lines. It was injected too superficially and i have little clumps of filler and... READ MORE

Huge Swelling After Perlane Normal?

Hello, I had Perlane with a new "blunt" needle on Tuesday, May 24th 2012. I am getting a little better but I had nothing done to my mouth yet I look... READ MORE

Can I Move the Perlane Myself if it's too High? (photo)

I just had Perlane yesterday for the first time to reduce nasolabial folds. Its too high on the right side - way up next to my nostrils. I may still... READ MORE

Unhappy with filler. It has completely changed the shape of my face. Can you please help? (Photo)

I am so unhappy. I had perlane filler in the tear ducts. Chin area for tissue loss and it seems there is some in the cheeks. It has completed changed... READ MORE

After Perlane for Smile Lines, the Skin Under my Nose Creases when I Smile. Will This Go Away?

Everything looks great if I don't smile, but when I do, it looks very odd. Will this go away? READ MORE

What is the best option for tear trough or eye hollow area - a filler or fat transfer? (Photo)

I am 38 and would the option that would give the best longer lasting results READ MORE

Is this a scar or hyperpigmentation? How can I get rid of it? (Photo)

About 10 days ago, I got Perlane injected into my upper cheek area, less than 1 cc. The next day two days this mark appeared on my face. When I... READ MORE

Perlane vs Juvederm for lip injections?

I'm looking into lip injections and I'm curious about Perlane. I only just heard about it and cant find much for comparison online, I did read that it... READ MORE

I Had Perlane Injected a Month Ago. It Seems That It Was Injected Too Low, Especially on One Side. Can It Be Moved?

I Had Perlane Injected a Month Ago.  It Seems That It Was Injected Too Low, Especially on One Side.  Can It Be Moved? READ MORE

My Smile is Gone After Filler Injection. What Can I Do?

I had Perlane injected to the deep marionette lines yesterday. The lines are gone but today my smile is gone as well! My upper lip is horizontal. I... READ MORE

What is this tear trough deformity post Perlane filler? (Photo)

These issues appeared 2.5 wks post Perlane application to periorbita--after swelling, and is ever present now at 4 wks. The tubular bulge is very firm... READ MORE

Perlane alternatives for acne scarring?

Is Perlane the best acne scarring filler or are there other alternative (better ones)? I was told that one Perlane treatment would cost me about 3500.... READ MORE

What is the best filler to fill tear trough with volume loss and acne scars? Perlane or Restylane? (Photo)

Hi. I have eye bags and want to know which would be best to correct it. Restylane is thin so I feel like it wouldn't "fill" as well as Perlane, which... READ MORE

Does a specific product for lip injection cause them to chap? What can I do to keep them healthy?

I have been getting injections for over 1 yr. using juvederm nd this last time I tried perlane and the lady I went to injected my bottom lip (which i... READ MORE

Treatment for periosteal bruises from Perlane injection?

I have 2 periosteal bruises on my R cheek from Perlane injections. Any advice on how to speed up healing or decrease swelling would be very much... READ MORE

Refine Asian nose tip - Perlane or Restylane?

Hello, Can Perlane or Restylane be used to refine my nose tip? I am an Asian female and have had non-surgical rhinoplasty done previously using... READ MORE

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