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Is There Filler Still in my Nose or is It Scar Tissue?

I had 2ml's of Perlane injected into my nose just over 3 years ago but can still feel some volume in the left side where a significant amount was... READ MORE

Want to Remove Perlane, No Doctors Experienced with Hyaluronidase Around. What to Do?

I had my nose filled with perlane 2 days ago, and it became worse than before. It's crooked and swollen. Problem is, I am in Indonesia, and there are... READ MORE

How to remove stubborn Perlane filler from my nose?

I have a perlane filler injected in my nose about 6 monts ago. I hate it. I was hoping it will get reabsobed in time but its still there. Last week I... READ MORE

Will local anesthesia for epicanthoplasty eye surgery affect my nose filler of Perlane?

I ve got the perlane for 3 months on the bridge of the nose and need to know if rather its necessary to be dissolve before the eye procedure? Pls , if... READ MORE

How resistant against mechanical force is Perlane?

I had per lane injected 3 weeks ago and had avoid touching my nose after that including wearing glasses. However just now when I was using my phone on... READ MORE

Perlane in cheek scars 6 days ago - Please help with this filler/nerve issue.

Been having numbness, buzzing and light pressure all around cheek, temple and forehead, even near nose. It hasn't been getting progressively worse OR... READ MORE

Bump on the side of the nose after getting non surgical nose job using Perlane

I was left with a lump on the side of my nose after getting perlane. I went to see a doctor who used hyaluronidase to dissolve some of the filler but... READ MORE

Can fillers in your nose or anywhere else on the face, lead to other medical or skin problems?

I got a non surgical nose job for the first time, about 6 months ago using perlane. The results are still looking fantastic, however I've noticed... READ MORE

Looking for a doctor/nurse in Sydney who uses Perlane/Restylane Lyft for nose fillers

Hello, I'm looking for a doctor or nurse in Sydney who uses Perlane aka Restylane Lyft (due to its higher gel hardness than other HA fillers) for a... READ MORE

How soon can I inject Perlane into my nose bridge following Revisional Asian-Rhinoplasty?

I have 5mm Silicone inserted in my bridge but I still want a tad bit taller bridge (creating a little hump). Is it advisable to inject filler Perlane... READ MORE

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