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Why Should Filler Lumps Be Massaged Out?

I had perlane a week ago on my nasolabial lines and was concerned about formation of lumps. They were not seen but critically felt after the injection... READ MORE

Way to Dissolve a Lump from Perlane?

I had Perlane injected on marionette lines and it seems that they were overfilled or not done properly since I have a lump the about the size of my... READ MORE

Creases and Bulges After Perlane Injections

I had Perlane injected by end of December 2008 for my nasolabial folds. I developed trangular-shaped bulges on my cheeks, which also caused creases... READ MORE

Perlane Feels Lumpy - Normal?

I just had perlane second time round a few hours ago, with a different professional, as I moved area. Whereas the result is wonderful, I feel the area... READ MORE

How Can I Safely Remove Perlane?

Hi, I had Perlane injected in my cheeks where previosly i had sub q. The results are terrible, i have huge rounded cheeks when i smile. Also i have... READ MORE

Are You Suppose to Feel Lumps After Perlane and for How Long?

Are you suppose to feel lumps after perlane and how long do they last? READ MORE

Swelling and Lump After Injecting Perlane for Cheeks. What Can I Do?

Swelling and Lump After Injecting Perlane for Cheeks. i have done filler for my cheecks,nasolabial and marriot lines with 2ml of perlane.after... READ MORE

Many Small Lumps 4 Days After Perlane Injected into Cheek and Lower Lip Area, Is this Normal?

I just had Perlane injected in cheeks and lower lip area 4 days ago, to help the marionette lines, lower. My question is that I have small lumps (not... READ MORE

I Have Black Dots That Look Like Blackheads but They Aren't, and Lumpiness Plus Broken Veins?

The above is since I had Perlane, which I have had several times over several years. My nurse told me she could dissolve it for me, but I don't know... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of Perlane Three Years After Injection?

A good plastic surgeon injected Perlane into naso-labial and peri-oral folds. It formed balls around mouth and worms in folds. The Perlane also... READ MORE

I Had Perlane Injections and Re-injections Due to Visible Lumps. Did Not Resolve. Advice?

I had Perlane twice in a few weeks apart. Doctor's nurse massaged the lumps. It seemed to help. When I got home, a lump was still visible on my right... READ MORE

How should I massage my face to get rid of a big lump caused by facial filler?

I got laughter lines filler injected yesterday and my face got swollen on side which I feel is due to overdose of the filler.I m continuously... READ MORE

Perlane swelling under 1 eye. What can I do? (Photo)

I got Perlane injected (deep on bone in drop technique) on the upper part of my cheeks 3 weeks ago to help lift nasolabial folds. My doctor put 1... READ MORE

I had perlane injections in my cheeks five months ago and have hard lumps and dimpling. Could it be from Perlane?

I had perlane injections in my cheeks five months ago and have hard lumps and dimpling. I was wondering if its from Perlane? READ MORE

Will trigeminal neuralgia caused by poor injection technique ever go away?

My BC dermatologist injected .5 cc Perlane so deeply in my right cheek that it can't be seen. I immediately felt like I was hit in the face with a... READ MORE

Soreness and little lump on bone around lower eye after perlane injection to cheekbone area

I had voluma in upper cheek bone area and lower face as well almost a month ago for the first time. I bruised and was swollen. I went back to my two... READ MORE

Can Perlane lumps in lips take longer than usual to go away if additional injections are done?

I had Perlane injected into my lips 4 months ago, which left me with highly visible lumps. Three days ago I had a correction done with 0.5 Juvederm,... READ MORE

Last Friday the 22nd of May, I had lip fillers done with a dermatologist here in my town. It's not even a week and it's gone!

She injected half of a syringe of Perlane. She reccommended that because its more firmer. I went ahead and said thats fine cause shes the expert. Well... READ MORE

Perlane dermal filler to marionette lines 6 days ago with visible lump.

Marionette lines injected and after initial swelling subsided a visible dime sized lump noted near upper left side next to palpable filler; no bruise... READ MORE

Lump under eye from year old Perlane injection. Might this resolve itself or could it be permanent? (photo)

I had perlane under my eyes in Nov 2015, then tweeked Feb '16. Injections done by experienced PA, referred to me by my derm- liked her. I returned Sep... READ MORE

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