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Restylane, Perlane, or Stylage for lips? (photo)

My options are restylane, perlane, and stylage- I just can't seem to get a clear answer on which is the best choice. Any clear answers are greatly... READ MORE

Distorted Lips After Perlane Injections - What Should I Do?

I got my lips augmented with Perlane, to get a full but natural look. After the injection my lips looked very distorted and unnatural. I got another... READ MORE

I Want to Get Perlane to Enhace my Cheeks, my Chin and my Lips

My cheecks have "fallen" for the past year, making me look tired and older, my jawline looks funny, and I never had a prominent chin, I feel... READ MORE

Many Small Lumps 4 Days After Perlane Injected into Cheek and Lower Lip Area, Is this Normal?

I just had Perlane injected in cheeks and lower lip area 4 days ago, to help the marionette lines, lower. My question is that I have small lumps (not... READ MORE

1 Week After Full Syringe of Perlane to Lips and Still No Difference, Is this Normal?

My doctor used one full syringe of Perlane to plump my lips, define the borders and revitalize the two vertical columns which extend from your nose to... READ MORE

Should I Be Seeing a Significant "Wearing Off" of Perlane Injections After Only 6 Weeks?

Should I be seeing a significant "wearing off" of Perlane injections after only 6 weeks? Had it done for lines on both sides of my mouth and... READ MORE

Will Half Syringe of Perlane Make a Noticeable Difference, I Was Told I Have Semi Full Lips

Will Half Syringe of Perlane Make a Noticeable Difference,iwas Told I Have Semi Full Lips READ MORE

Perlane vs Juvederm for lip injections?

I'm looking into lip injections and I'm curious about Perlane. I only just heard about it and cant find much for comparison online, I did read that it... READ MORE

Why am I not seeing results with lip fillers?

I have spent over $3,000 on lip fillers. I started off with Restylane and had 3cc injected over a period of 2 months. After I noticed that Restylane... READ MORE

How long does Perlane injections on the lips usually last? Longer than Restylane?

I had Restylane done, which lasted 4 weeks (it wasn't even noticeable after the 3rd week!). I did Perlane the 2nd time. It was .6 of the vial (both... READ MORE

Has too much Perlane been injected, or Is it possible to have delayed swelling (8-10 hours after) on only one naso-labio fold?

I woke up 3 hours after going to bed (propped up laying on my back) to find the 1st "swelling". After much icing is still pronounced 9 hours later. I... READ MORE

Is there anything that will reduce the perlane in my overfilled lips?

Is there anything I can do to reduce the volume or amount that was put in mybottm lip? READ MORE

I got Perlane injected on my lips yesterday and it looks uneven. Is there anything that can dissolve it?

I got perlane injected on my lips yesterday, I just found in the restylane website perlane is not approved in lips... Now she injected more in one... READ MORE

Perlane vs Restylane.

My doctor wants to try Perlane under my eyes and a baby amount in my lips. Last time we used restalyn and I loved it but could have used a bit more... READ MORE

Does a specific product for lip injection cause them to chap? What can I do to keep them healthy?

I have been getting injections for over 1 yr. using juvederm nd this last time I tried perlane and the lady I went to injected my bottom lip (which i... READ MORE

I am going back for my third filler. I need some guidance on which route to go. Any suggestions? (photos)

First filler I ever got was April 6th 1/2 syringe of Perlane. Which seemed to stay for about a week. The second filler I got was June 1st another 1/2... READ MORE

Last Friday the 22nd of May, I had lip fillers done with a dermatologist here in my town. It's not even a week and it's gone!

She injected half of a syringe of Perlane. She reccommended that because its more firmer. I went ahead and said thats fine cause shes the expert. Well... READ MORE

Dr. used Restylane Perlane in lips - hours later my mouth is hard and swollen. Should I be worried?

I have had Juvederm injections several times, the last time was year ago. I am in a new country so I had to go to a different Dr. I was disappointed... READ MORE

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