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How Can I Dissolve Restylane Perlane Injections Above Lip?

I had restalyn perlane injections above upper lip. I have rosacea and chemically sens. Need advice to dissolve as face burns. READ MORE

How Can I Safely Remove Perlane?

Hi, I had Perlane injected in my cheeks where previosly i had sub q. The results are terrible, i have huge rounded cheeks when i smile. Also i have... READ MORE

Will I Look Like I Did Pre-treatment if I Wait for my Tear-trough Filler (Perlane) to Dissolve?

I had Perlane injected, likely superficially in February 2012. Its July and my bags are more pronounced, especially on the side that received the most... READ MORE

Is This Tyndall? Should I Have This Filler Resolved? (photo)

The surgeon put in 3 vials of perlane in one eye and 2 in another. I now realise that this is a crazy amount although it does not look like it was... READ MORE

Does Perlane Break Through the Skin After a Couple of Months? I Thought It Just Dissolves

Does Perlane Break Through the Skin After a Couple of Months?  I Thought It Just Dissolves READ MORE

Perlane dissolving. How long would it take to completely dissolve?

Hey, I've had 7ml of pelane injected in my chin and around my chin. Just wondering how long would it take to be completely dissolved and will the skin... READ MORE

Can this poor Perlane result to Periorbital be fixed? (photos)

This time with photos. 4cc's of Perlane applied to my left eye 4 weeks ago. One pic shows bruising and swelling 1.5 wks post, the others are 3 wks... READ MORE

I got Perlane injected on my lips yesterday and it looks uneven. Is there anything that can dissolve it?

I got perlane injected on my lips yesterday, I just found in the restylane website perlane is not approved in lips... Now she injected more in one... READ MORE

I had Perlane under my right eye to raise my lower eyelid and match it with the other but it was overcorrected

That was done 6 months ago. Then, after 4 injections with tiny ammounts of Hyaluronidase to fix it, some HA has been removed, but my eyelid is still... READ MORE

Perlane dermal filler to marionette lines 6 days ago with visible lump.

Marionette lines injected and after initial swelling subsided a visible dime sized lump noted near upper left side next to palpable filler; no bruise... READ MORE

Removing filler done 3 years ago. Can a plastic surgeon help?

3 years ago a dr did injections into my "smoker" wrinkles. Not restalyaline but something thinner that was used for upper lip (Maybe Perlane. She put... READ MORE

Follow up: How long wil it take to dissolve this amount and for the scars to go away do you think??

Perlane dissolve time and some scarring 3 months after injections---Hey there, I had 7ml of Perlane injected over a 2 month period into my chin above... READ MORE

Numbness after filler: please help!

I had Perlane in some acne scars of the cheek and one large hollow created by a badly done subcision in '14. Day 1. normal tightness and some pain. I... READ MORE

Why would Hyaluronidase fail to dissolve Perlane 5 months after injections? (Photo)

I had Perlane injected around the sides of my mouth. I was overfilled. There was minimal swelling. Essentially, it looked exactly like my pictures... READ MORE

Is there any hope I can break down this Perlane by 12 months if there is no histological change from baseline 8 months in?

A prominent world renowned hospital is tracking my progress via ultrasound in breaking down horribly injected Perlane. The baseline was taken at four... READ MORE

How long can perlane overfill of cheeks last? Now 13 months and still raised.

I had Perlane injected just under the skin 13 months ago for volume loss to cheeks and mid face. I had an overfill on the left side of upper and inner... READ MORE

I had my right under eye zone filled with Perlane to raise a droopy lower eyelid. It was overcorrected. Any suggestions? (photo)

After my 4 round with small ammounts of hyalorunidase to correct the problem I have ended up with a bag under my right eyelid. It's been a week since... READ MORE

Perlane in tear troughs 19 months ago and in cheeks 8 months ago. Now I have puffy bags under my eyes. (photos)

The puffy bags are on my bone line. Will getting it dissolved fix the bags? I am trying to get rid of the cheek filler as she injected quite close to... READ MORE

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