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Perlane Vs Juvederm Ultra Plus - Best Filler for Nasolabial Folds?

I have pretty deep nasolabial folds. My injector has offered me my choice of fillers. I would prefer Perlane or Juvederm Ultra Plus, both of which he... READ MORE

How Long Does Perlane Last?

I thought Perlane was supposed to last longer than other non-permanent wrinkles fillers, but a lot of the Perlane reviews on this site say that it... READ MORE

Perlane Vs Juvederm

Is Juvederm or Perlane is better for nasolabial folds? How long does each product last when used for naso labial folds (manufacturer ratings)? READ MORE

How Much Does Perlane Cost?

What is the price of Perlane?  Is Perlane cost the same as Restylane? READ MORE

Perlane for Under Eye Hollows?

I am only 19, however, the area under my eyes is very hollow and the doctor said she would inject along the bone to fill the area. I am not too... READ MORE

Perlane Vs Radiesse for Cheeks

What are the pros and cons of Perlane and Radiesse for cheeks? Is it true that Perlane will not cause lumps, will not migrate, and is smoother and... READ MORE

How Can I Dissolve Restylane Perlane Injections Above Lip?

I had restalyn perlane injections above upper lip. I have rosacea and chemically sens. Need advice to dissolve as face burns. READ MORE

Restylane Perlane - What Are the Injections Used For?

Hollowing in my cheeks and loads of restylane perlane best for this...or try something else? thanks for the help!  READ MORE

Perlane vs Restylane: How is It Different?

From what I understand, Perlane and Restylane are made by the same company and do basically the same, what's the difference and why is... READ MORE

Perlane vs. Radiesse - What Looks More Natural?

I've been using Perlane for my cheeks for the past 18 months. My Dr. built the cheeks up slowly by injecting 1 syringe per visit. I've had 6-8... READ MORE

Perlane FIller - How Does it Work?

How does perlane work, what is it made form? READ MORE

Are 4 Vials of Perlane Too Much for Cheek Augmentation?

I'm 37, and over the last month have had 3 vials of Perlane in my cheeks, to correct flatness caused partly by aging, and partly due to the natural... READ MORE

What Does Perlane Look Like?

What does Perlane packaging look like?  Is it similar to Restylane packaging? READ MORE

Is Voluma Thicker Than Perlane? Would It Drag Down my Lower Cheek?

I haven't found a lot of people gotten Voluma. But I heard that this filler is thicker than Perlane. Would it drag down my cheek? Thanks. READ MORE

Perlane on Glabellar Lines?

I have deep lines between brows. Will Perlane help to fill in lines? READ MORE

Filler for Under the Cheek Area (Submalar)?

I do not wish to have Sculptura,nor Radiesse, nor the invasive treatment of fat injections, which are unpredictable. I am wanting to fill out the... READ MORE

What is the best filler that lasts the longest for under eyes?

What is the best filler that last the longest for under eyes? Also, I am having a C02 laser treatment. It was suggested that I have the fillers done... READ MORE

Perlane-scared of Necrosis

What are the odds of skin necrosis after filling large areas like cheeks and chin? I want to get it done, I'am ready to pay for it, but I'am... READ MORE

Can I Have Perlane Injected After Recent Juvederm Injection?

I have recently had juvederm voluma injected into the cheek area to add volume, I am now considering perlane filler to the same area to give a little... READ MORE

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