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Could Vibration Speed Up the Process of Perlane Breakdown?

I had perlane injections in the cheeks, tear trough and naso labial folds one week ago. The eyes and cheeks areas look great, but there is slightly... READ MORE

Can Ultrasound Massage Diminish Results of Perlane or Juvederm Ultra?

I have Perlane and Juvederm Fillers about 6 days ago. Trying to find out can ultrasound massage reduce or diminish filler results? READ MORE

I Had One Syringe of Perlane Injected About 5 Days Ago. Is it too Soon to Make An Appt For Another?

I had one syringe of Peralne injected about 5 days ago, is it too soon to make an appointment for another?  READ MORE

I had Perlane injected 6 days ago: I have severe bruising - Any suggestions?

I had Perlane injected 6 days ago. I have severe bruising below my eye and above my chin, on one side of my face. I look like I was punched in the... READ MORE

Appearing of 2 Separate Parallel Noodle Shaped Humps on my Right Smile Line?

Hello, I’m 41 and 5 days ago had Perlane injection in the areas of my nasal folds & smile lines, the day after the injection, I noticed the a... READ MORE

Is it possible for Perlane to move? (Photo)

I had restylene parlance injected into my middle face 9 days ago, deep under the muscle , it was't cheeks but more towards the nose ( shaded area on... READ MORE

Last Friday the 22nd of May, I had lip fillers done with a dermatologist here in my town. It's not even a week and it's gone!

She injected half of a syringe of Perlane. She reccommended that because its more firmer. I went ahead and said thats fine cause shes the expert. Well... READ MORE

Help! Is this Tyndall or bruising? (Photo)

Perlane was injected by my plastic surgeon 6 days ago. IThankyou!! READ MORE

1 week post Perlane injection inside upper lip, clear bumps that have formed have not gone away. Will HA remove them? (Photo)

It has been one week since I had perlane injected into my lips. The focus was on increasing my upper lip, to make my gum line less visible when... READ MORE

After Perlane injection into my cheeks, my temple veins pop out. Should I be worried? (Photo)

I got the Perlane injection a week ago. Since then my temple veins pop out. The situation is not getting worse but does not get better. It does not... READ MORE

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