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Are my tear troughs still over filled or was the placement wrong? (photos)

I had perlane injected in my tear troughs one month ago. I swelled horribly but eventually the swelling subsided. Since then I have had a thin "ridge"... READ MORE

What is this tear trough deformity post Perlane filler? (Photo)

These issues appeared 2.5 wks post Perlane application to periorbita--after swelling, and is ever present now at 4 wks. The tubular bulge is very firm... READ MORE

Kenalog and Perlane into Skin Pit

I had my pit/depression from a kenalog injection, filled with perlane. The kenalog injection took place about 6 weeks ago. I had the filler done at 5... READ MORE

Is it possible to get perlane touch up after only 1 month?

Hi, I just received a Perlane (Restylane® Lyft ) treatment for my Nasolabial fold couple of days ago, and I am seriously loving the result. Today ... READ MORE

Can significant dents, bumps and bulges resulting from Perlane applied to the Periorbita be corrected, and how?

4 weeks ago I had 7cc's of Perlane applied to my Periorbita, 3 on the right and 4 on the left. My right eye is decent, But with a slight discolored... READ MORE

Pimples after Perlane. Can this be from the Perlane?

I had Perlane filler five weeks ago and seem to have broken out in pimples ( on one side only) since the injections. Can this be from the Perlane ? READ MORE

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