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Is Pelleve or Ultherapy Better to Tighten Skin?

I have a thin face and am looking for tightening around the mouth and lower face. READ MORE

What is Pelleve?

A friend of mine said there is a new laser called Pelleve, that is now available in the U.S. Just what does this laser do? What is the downtime for... READ MORE

Does Pelleve Work?

A friend told me about a new treatment that doesn't cause much pain: Pelleve for skin tightening. Does it work and if so, what should I expect in... READ MORE

Pelleve Frequency, How Often, How Long Does It Last?

Hi, I've heard conflicting reports on how often to get Pelleve (6 months?) and how many treatments to get to start (2-3). Also, how is this different... READ MORE

Pelleve, Pixel, or Chemical Peel for Slight Sagging and Wrinkling?

I am interested in either Pelleve, Pixel, or Chemical Peel for slight sagging and wrinkling. Which would give the most bang for the buck? Does Pelleve... READ MORE

Does Pelleve Work for Skin Tightening Without Surgery?

Has any doctor tried or heard much about the Pelleve Wrinkle Treatment system? I saw that it was approved by the FDA in May 09. I'm guessing it's a... READ MORE

How Long Should a Pelleve Treatment Take?

How long should a Pelleve treatment take? I think my technician spent about 20 minutes total for face and neck in the first of three treatments. From... READ MORE

Want to fix outer eye hollows, doctor has recommended Pelleve, looking for input on efficacy of Pelleve for eye hollows. Thanks.

Outer corner eye indents, gives circular hollow appearance. Not concerned with tear troughs, just outer indentation clearly visible in pics. Heard... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Co2 Laser Resurfacing and Pelleve?

My dermatologist's office offers a few different options for cosmetic dermatology. They offer co2 laser resurfacing and pelleve. I've read the... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have Pelleve with a Dental Implant?

I have one metal implant in my mouth and am interested in Pelleve but can not find out if this procedure is safe with an implant? I have emailed the... READ MORE

How Much Does the Pelleve Cost?

How much does the Pelleve treatment cost in Los Angeles or Irvine California? READ MORE

Eye Shields w/ Pelleve Treatment?

Do You Need Eye Shields Inserted in Your Eyes when Getting the Pelleve Treatment Done Under Your Eyes? READ MORE

I Had Juvaderm 8days Ago Can I Have Prelleve Tomorrow ?

I had Juvaderm under my eyes to fill in. Can I go to my Pelleve appointment which is tomorrow, or will it reduce my Juvaderm ? Thank You READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Pelleve and Reaction?

I understand that Reaction by Viora at Pelleve are both RF treatments. What is the difference between the two, and is one better than the other for... READ MORE

What are your thoughts on Pelleve for cellulite on the front of my thighs??? Will it work?? Thanks!!

Will Pelleve tighten the skin above my knees and the whole inner and front of thighs?? I have terrible cellulite there but if I lift the akin up a... READ MORE

27 year-old female: What can I do about "heavy" & "chubby" cheeks that are giving me a jowl-y look? (Photo)

Could Pelleve be a non-surgical option? I know that face fat & volume is good to have as this can decrease as you age making you look older, but I... READ MORE

Will Pelleve Be Benificial for Problematic Skin? (Oily & Acne Prone, Sensitive, and Uneven Skin)

I did IPL and chemical peel almost 2 yrs ago, and the result was satisfactory. However now my skin is back to being problematic with more pimples... READ MORE

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