Pectus Excavatum + Pec Implants

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Pectus Excavatum and Pec Implants

I am 37 year old male with pectus excavatum. It was described by a pedatric surgeon that I have a 'grand canyon' appearance with slightly... READ MORE

Will Pectoral Implants Correct an Asymmetrical Chest Wall for a Male?

I recently had a procedure to correct a chest wall deformity called pectus excavatum (sunken chest). A stainless steel bar was inserted under my rib... READ MORE

Can Your Muscle Still Grow if You Have Pec Implants?

Can your muscle still grow if you have pec implants? Im not planning on cheating working out. im just getting it for balancing my pectus excavatum.... READ MORE

After Pectoral Implants, One Pec is Much Bigger Than the Other, How is This Possible? Is It Fixable?

I suffer from PE and previously had an implant made to fill in the "dent". Subsequently I had pec implants to help improve the look of my chest. After... READ MORE

Do I have pectus carinatum or pectus excavatum? (Photo)

Hi Doctor, I'm a 26 y/o male. Could you tell me if I have pectus carinatum or pectus excavatum? If I want to have a surgery to correct it, where in... READ MORE

I have a sunken chest and I was wondering what do I do? I searched it up and it's called pectus excavatum (Photo)

I have a sunken chest abd my ribs curve out at the bottom of the rib cage. They stick out and also when i inhale the hole gets deeper a bit. READ MORE

I have pectus excavatum. What are the best options to fix this ? I don't have any health problems caused by pe. (photo)

Hello, I have Pectus Excavatum. Its mild to moderate I would say, you can see it in the pictures. Its 2015 and Im curious what are the options for... READ MORE

Do I have pectus excavatum bad? (Photos)

Will it stay like this forever...or will it go away after awhile READ MORE

Is this a mild or severe pectus excavitum. (photos)

Is this a mild or sever pectus excavatum its like a dent in my chest READ MORE

Are there implants for the chest? Maybe arms/legs too?

I was wondering if there is an surgery to cover up my pectus excavatum like implants or something? My pectus is more on the mild side to get the... READ MORE

Are there UK based surgeons familiar with using implants to fix cosmetic issues due to pectus excavatum?

I have a mild case of pectus excavatum that I have been told will not cause any medical problems. I have been offered surgery (the Nuss procedure) on... READ MORE

Pectus excavatum surgery in an adult female. Can it be fixed?

I have a pectus deformity noted on a CT scan. I am always SOB, tachycardia, dizzy, fainting, hypotension. My primary seems to think the pectus is the... READ MORE

Can an implant be done on 1 side so that it looks normal like the other side?

I am a 50 year old male with pectus excavatum and have always been embarrassed about my chest. I was operated on as an infant but only my right side... READ MORE

How severe is my pectus excavatum? (Photo)

Hello. There is a sort of hole or gap in my chest and as I've read in the internet, it's called PECTUS EXCAVATUUM. i was wondering if it is severe or... READ MORE

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