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Is a Pec Implant an Option for a Male with Poland's Syndrome?

A pectoral implant seems to be able to quickly solve the problem, is there anything I don't know that I should? READ MORE

After the Male Pectoral implant surgery has healed, can you feel the implant ???

I am curious if after it has healed if you can feel and if it obvious? I am look for a male pec implant that give projection but is soft not too solid... READ MORE

When Can I Start Weight Training Again?

I am 3 wks post TT and Pec Implants, When can I use machines and free Weights to train the following muscle groups? 1- Biceps & Triceps 2-... READ MORE

Not completely pleased with pectoral implants size post op. How long I should wait before I get them redone? (photo)

I had my pectoral implants done back in the summer. It's been about five months. I am not completely satisfied with results. Maybe I wasn't clear with... READ MORE

Pec implants, what is necessary to get them done correctly? (photo)

I have naturally lean muscles in the chest area but when i want to, i can get bulky everywhere else EXCEPT the chest when i train hard(just not in the... READ MORE

I have a pec Implant. I am feeling pain and the implant don't set well. Is this normal? (photos)

I have pec implent , the doctor put me big implent that stick me in the musle and the armpit and its also get out from the musle and its not enturly... READ MORE

I got male pec implants. Is possible to get gluteal implants instead since they have the projection that I need and I want ?

I got male pecs implants 4 months ago. The thickness of the implant is only 2 centimeters. A larger implants does not fit on my chest wall cause I am... READ MORE

I'm interested in the semi circle countours associated in the lower region and the big cleavage look. Is that possible?

. im a 60 kg male and want to get pec implants. my issue is that im worried my doctor will end up choosing the wrong size. my issue is that i dont... READ MORE

Pectoral implants for a pro boxer? Will the implant move out of place during fights if punched in the chest? Good idea?

I am young men living with Poland syndrome. Am an amateur boxer. Wanting to go pro but, am very embarrass of my chest (missing half of my right... READ MORE

What form of pec augmentation would be best for a mild form of poland's syndrome (male)? (Photo)

The section outlined in black is completely devoid of muscle. Hard to see because I am not lean right now + bad lighting. Augmentation also desired to... READ MORE

What's wrong with my chest? asymmetrical bones? (photos)

Something is wrong with my pecs, right side is either sunken or left side is pushing out. Left side feels more bony and right side more filler. The... READ MORE

Pectus Carinatum surgery?

Can someone give me an idea of how much it would cost to get a pigeon test surgery with out insurance in Wisconsin? Around like $10,000 or would it be... READ MORE

Do my chest implants look bad? (photo)

Im year after chest implent when i Lying down the implent most of the implent Falls from the Muscle to the armpit or when i up my hands or move them... READ MORE

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