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Is a Pec Implant an Option for a Male with Poland's Syndrome?

A pectoral implant seems to be able to quickly solve the problem, is there anything I don't know that I should? READ MORE

Gap between chest muscles. Can you do anything about it? (Photo)

I've been training for more than a year, but i just cannot close the big gap between my left and my right pec. The gap isn't even symetrical and the... READ MORE

Pectus Excavatum and Pec Implants

I am 37 year old male with pectus excavatum. It was described by a pedatric surgeon that I have a 'grand canyon' appearance with slightly... READ MORE

Too Much at One Time: pectoral implants, bicep implants, and calf implants?

I'm 18 years old, and considering getting pectoral implants, bicep implants, and calf implants done all at the same time. The implants would be... READ MORE

Will Pectoral Implants Correct an Asymmetrical Chest Wall for a Male?

I recently had a procedure to correct a chest wall deformity called pectus excavatum (sunken chest). A stainless steel bar was inserted under my rib... READ MORE

Can Your Muscle Still Grow if You Have Pec Implants?

Can your muscle still grow if you have pec implants? Im not planning on cheating working out. im just getting it for balancing my pectus excavatum.... READ MORE

What to Do First? Bicep, Tricep, Deltoid, Pecs?

Hello everybody, i've been working out and dieting for the past two years now, and i'd like for my upper body to be in proportion with my lower body.... READ MORE

Are Pec Implants Noticeable To The Touch?

I am considering pec implants along with gyno revision to help correct some a small degree of skin laxity. I want results that look and feel natural.... READ MORE

Pec Implants

This may sound silly. but i am a young slim male who is interested in pec implants. however i dont actually want my pec region bigger as i dont want... READ MORE

Chest Gap Cosmetic Surgery Please Help? (photo)

Hi I would really like to know if its possible to fix my left pec as it doesn't reach the middle like my right pec and its not even symetrical with... READ MORE

I Have Pectus Carinatum More Prominent on the Right Than the Left, Suggestions for the Best Type of Implant?

I Have Pectus Carinatum More Prominent on the Right Than the Left, Suggestions for the Best Type of Implant? READ MORE

Are Large Custom Pec Implants More Problematic Than Smaller Ones?

I am a 6', 235 lb bodybuilder that would like pec implants. I have a large frame and the largest size made would just disappear in my pecs. I see so... READ MORE

After the Male Pectoral implant surgery has healed, can you feel the implant ???

I am curious if after it has healed if you can feel and if it obvious? I am look for a male pec implant that give projection but is soft not too solid... READ MORE

Do I have gap between pecs or depressed sternum?

Hi Doctor, I was wandering about my pecs shape and observing some gap and depressed sternum in between though not sure it is. i have uploaded... READ MORE

Still Looking for a DR Who Can Do Pec Implants of a Larger Size Than Aiche #4? (photo)

Large framed weight lifter, 6', 245 lbs. needing a larger size implant than the Aiche #4. If they can do large breast implants why can't they do large... READ MORE

My Chest Has Lost Muscle Mass on One Side?

A little less then a year ago, I noticed the right side of my chest losing muscle and shape. I used to exercise regularly before this happened and I... READ MORE

Is my Left Inner Pectoral Torn from Sternum? (photo)

About six months ago my soccer coach had us do strength tests where we had to bench 130 pounds. I had never really worked out much before and had to... READ MORE

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