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Will Pearl Laser Help with Moderate Acne Scars?

Does Pearl help with light to moderate acne scarring and pitting? And if I'm prone to break outs, is this the best option? READ MORE

I'm 2 weeks post pearl cutura for minor acne scarring & I have dark scarring on both sides of my face. What can I do? (Photo)

My acne scarring was not that terrible, now the scarring left from the treatment is worse than my acne scars. Is there anything I can do to fix this... READ MORE

My question is about pearl laser. That was done a year ago to my chest. Skin is red and blotchy still.

And some times with a glass of wine it gets spotted,Red marks. is there somthing that can fix this? I have been using emu oil,it seems to be soothing.... READ MORE

Should I continue to clean face with vinegar washes and apply aquaphor when my face has blood blisters all over? (Photo)

I am red and oozing and have blood blisters all over. I had a CO2 laser years ago and had blood blisters as well that went away and no scarring. The... READ MORE

Pearl Fractionated Laser for neck and chest rejuvenation, is this a good option?

As a sunbather in my teens, 20's and tanning beds (YIKES!!) I'm interested in rejuvenation of my neck and chest. I've had a few IPLs but something... READ MORE

How Are the Settings on the Pearl Fractional Laser Determined, What Types of Skin on the Fitzpatrick Scale is It Safe? (photo)

I had Pearl Fractional Laser done on my face 1/15/10, I developed a infection and was given antibiotics. After waiting six months the Doctor did a... READ MORE

Acne Scarring: Had 5 Fraxel Repair Sessions 5 Years Ago and Now Considering Pearl Laser. Is It Worth It?

I suffered moderate scaring (enlarged pores with some box car &icepick ) on cheeks from infantile acne but some additional through adolescence. 5... READ MORE

Fungal infection after Cutera Pearl laser. How can I speed up the recovery process?

I had a pearl laser treatment on June 13. The settings used were 3.5 J/cm2, 0.4 ms, 2 passes. I followed all post-op instructions but developed a... READ MORE

Advice on the best treatment for rough skin texture, large facial pores and Sebaceous hyperplasia after Pearl Laser? (photos)

4 years ago I underwent a Pearl Laser treatment.The aesthetic doctor advised it was the best treatment for me. I expressed concerns regarding waxy... READ MORE

Is it OK to treat the beard area with Pearl laser (not pearl fractional)?

I'm considering getting the pearl laser treatment (non fractional version) but i'm concerned that it may have a negative impact on my facial beard... READ MORE

How long to expect intense burning pain to last?

I had pearl laser done yesturday, how long does the intense burning pain of a first degree burn last? And what can I do to improve the post op healing? READ MORE

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