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Aftercare for Cutera Pearl Treatment?

I just had this done yesterday, and I was told to wash my face with Cepaphil 3 times a day, apply the vinegar soak with a washcloth, and then apply... READ MORE

Recovery Time for Pearl Laser?

I had this treatment a week ago, and although I am back at work, and wearing make-up, I'm still very red. My skin is not irritated or broken-out,... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take to See Full Results of Pearl Laser Treatment?

I had the Pearl Laser treatment last week for minor acne scaring. My skin looks great overall...but the scars are still there. Is this the "final... READ MORE

Does Vinegar Treatment Help After Pearl Laser?

I had pearl lasar today and wonder if the vinegar makes it redder and more burning as I have. I am swollen and some pain as a bad sunburn. Is there... READ MORE

Whiteheads After Pearl Laser

I am in day three of my Pearl Laser treatment. I have whiteheads surrounding my mouth, chin and nose. Is this normal? I understand that the honeycomb... READ MORE

Orange Peel Texture After Pearl Fracional Laser, is this Permanent? (photo)

I had Pearl laser and Pearl Fractional laser on my face, 6 months ago, for anti aging,to improve skin texture,a beauty therapist performed the... READ MORE

Treatment for Irritation After Pearl Laser

I had the Pearl Laser treatment 3 days ago, and my face (especially the area around my mouth) has red bumps and/or rash, and my skin looks irritated.... READ MORE

After Pearl Laser Skin Care

I had two Pearl Laser treatments done primarily for acne scarring. The first had great results, but the second one had me fighting constant breakouts... READ MORE

Skin Care Routine After Pearl Laser?

I'm into my fifth day after Pearl Laser and my skin looks great. What is a good skin care routine and/or products I could use from the healing point on? READ MORE

Pearl Laser for Melasma?

I had the Cutera Pearl Laser treatment 6 weeks ago for melasma. Now it looks worse, like they are now splatters all over my face unlike before they... READ MORE

Redness and Laser Pattern Marks After Pearl Fractional Laser?

I had Pearl laser on my whole face and Pearl Fractional laser done on my eyelids, forehead, around my eyes and mouth. It has now been 30 days and I am... READ MORE

When Can I Have my Next Pearl Laser Treatment?

How long do I have to wait between Pearl Laser treatments as not all of my spots went away on the first treatment? Also, I have been using the... READ MORE

Am I Healing from Pearl Fractional Treatment?

I had Pearl Fractional for acne scars. I am at week 4 post-op and I do not see much improvement on my scars, plus I still see dots on my face from the... READ MORE

White Bumps After Pearl Laser

I'm into my fifth day after Pearl Laser and my skin looks great. However, I also have white bumps that look more like pimples with white in them. Will... READ MORE

Redness and Blotches 10 Weeks After Pearl Fractional Laser

So far I am not to happy with the Pearl Fractional Laser. Im going on 10 weeks of healing i've had two foto facials and still I have red blotchy... READ MORE

Day 6/ Extremely Lumpy, Bumpy, Red, Swollen; Did Not Exp. the First Time. Why This Time?

I had the Pearl fractional 6 days ago,on day 2 started experiencing extreme swelling, lumps 3" in length, huge bumps, and dark redness. I had one... READ MORE

What Are the Immediate Effects of Pearl Laser?

I had Peal Laser done 30 hours ago. Now I have 3 cold sores and my face is itching. Do I call my doctor? What should I do? Thank You! READ MORE

Redness and Blotchy Spots After Pearl Laser

When will the redness and blotchy spots around my eyes, nose, and mouth finally go away? It will be 2 weeks on June 22 since I had Pearl Laser done.... READ MORE

How Are the Settings on the Pearl Fractional Laser Determined, What Types of Skin on the Fitzpatrick Scale is It Safe? (photo)

I had Pearl Fractional Laser done on my face 1/15/10, I developed a infection and was given antibiotics. After waiting six months the Doctor did a... READ MORE

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