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Can a Doctor Perform a Panniculectomy but Also Tighten Muscles?

Is it possible to remove extra skin at the bottom of the stomach, yet tighten the ab muscles all the way up the ribcage and leave the belly button... READ MORE

How important is it to lose the desire weight before Panniculectomy surgery? (photos)

Also is there a really high risk with a Panniculectomy I am consider over weight. I work out faithfully with trainers, bootcamps, and aerobic classes.... READ MORE

After 3 C-sections and exercise, I still have a big stomach, what is the best procedure me? (photos)

I have three boys in the ages of 7,4, and 1. All by c sections and I've tried exercising, doing the Shun T dance videos. It didn't help. I just got... READ MORE

Why is my stomach still swollen 8 months after Panniculectomy?

I had a Panniculectomy August 31, 2015, when I came home my stomache was completely flat! I cried I was so happy. My 3 week check up, my stomach was... READ MORE

Had panniculectomy 5 months ago. My stomach is numb & my vagina is swollen on one side, I mean HUGE, no pain. Is this normal?

Had a panniculectomy almost 5 months ago now, my stomach & upper thighs are still numb & my Vagina is swollen on one side I mean HUGE no pain ( from... READ MORE

Stomach Muscles Contract 2 Years After Panniculectomy - Is This Normal?

I had a panniculectomy done now about 2 years and if i sneeze or cough or bend my stomach muscles contract is this normal READ MORE

I had a mesh and total stomach reconstruction. Any suggestions?

In 2008 and it left me with a large pannus. Now it is causing rashes back problems. I am afraid to have large pannus removed because of mesh . I do... READ MORE

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