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Panniculectomy Recovery

What kind of recovery time can I expect from a panniculectomy? Is it the same as a tummy tuck or less? Will I need someone to help me out? How long... READ MORE

Panniculectomy; Do I have to have drains with this?

I would just like to get rid of some loose skin below my belly button. I thought about a tummy tuck, but I have no one at home to help me afterwards.... READ MORE

What is expected panniculectomy surgery recovery time?

Yes on 02/22 im having a panniculectomy done. I was at once 375ibs and lost 225lb in 2 years and kept it off for 2 years until i had a knee... READ MORE

Panniculectomy, what causes you to qualify.

I'm 40 years old, I've had 4 full term Pregnancies ( fairly large babies) 3 csections. I now have a large saggy flap that has no feeling in it which I... READ MORE

Panniculectomy recovery. Am I able to use a heating pad on my sides where my incision is located?

Am I able to use a heating pad on my sides where my incision is located? It's sore and I think heat may help but not to sure if I should put heat on it. READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for a Panniculectomy?

69 yrs old, white female, 5'2", current weight 200lbs, lost 115 lbs. I have had the weight off for 2 years and have been at this weight for around 8... READ MORE

Recovery Tips / Advice After a Panniculectomy

I will be having a Panniculectomy after losing over 200lbs (without surgery) and I am looking for others who have done this to share tips or advice on... READ MORE

Will I look ok after a Panniculectomy? (photo)

Hi I've lost 150 punds with gastric bypass. Will I look ok after a pannectomy? I can't afford the upgrade. The area is very large. Would it be a very... READ MORE

Is recovery time for a Panniculectomy shorter for a smaller Panniculus? Are there less invasive/effective options? (photos)

I have a pronounced belly from rapid weight loss several years ago, but am worried about the invasive nature and long recovery time of a full... READ MORE

Excision of suture granulomas and fat necrosis. How will this be done, and what is the recovery period?

Had a panniculectomy in January, went to doctor with "lumps" along incision, a swollen area above the incision area, tenderness, cramping almost like... READ MORE

Could sleeping on my side one night possibly have caused a seroma?

I'll be 3 weeks post op from panni surgery on Monday. So far my recovery has been good. However when I woke up this morning I was sleeping on my left... READ MORE

will I have just the bottom removed or will the muffin top go flat at all?How long should the recovery be? (photos)

The surgeon went too quick in explaining it to me so I haven't went back to him he mentioned I wouldn't have a belly button and my scar would be in my... READ MORE

How long is a panniculectomy?

I got a br back in January, since then I've lost even more weight. My dogears have virtually gone away on their own. Now I'm getting my pooch removed... READ MORE

Additional info pertaining to a fdl panni. Any suggestions?

I'd like to find out some additional info on a fdl panni. I'm having a hard time finding anything other than for a fdl TT which I'm assuming is not... READ MORE

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