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Panniculectomy in November: Not Happy with Results, is Revision a Possibility? (Photo)

My stomach is lopsided and I am not happy right now because I have hidradenitis and have had surgeries before my surgeon was safe but I was wanting to... READ MORE

Why do I look pregnant after my panniculectomy? (photos)

I have lost over 157lbs on my own and have 3 children. I am 31 and was left with a huge pannus. My insurance covered the removal of this due to... READ MORE

I would like to get my apron removed. How much weight would I need to lose to be considered? I'm 5'2" and weigh 284 lbs. (photo)

I do like to be chunky. I just don't like the hang. It's hard to keep fresh and since I've had three c-sections, I have zero feeling in the apron area. READ MORE

Could I have a panniculectomy? (Photo)

I am 48 I had lipo in 2012. I want to have a panniculectomy to remove the apron. I am 5'9 and my wight has been between 285 and 290 over the last 8... READ MORE

Will they have to stretch the stomach to the vaginal area to close for panniculectomy? (photo)

I am awaiting insurance approval for a panniculectomy. I have hidradenitis/open infections under my panni and the top of my mons. The surgeon has... READ MORE

Two weeks post op and my belly button is infected. Do I take the garment off to let it breathe? (photos)

My belly button is disgustingly infected. It's green and yellow inside, I have been putting peroxide and polysporin in it everyday, but should I be... READ MORE

Insurance covers Panniculectomy and I can't afford to upgrade to a full TT. Will I regret having it? (photos)

My insurance covers a Panniculectomy but the cost of adding a TT to it is $6000 and I can't afford it. With my deductible it comes to almost the cost... READ MORE

I plan to have more children. Should I just do the panniculectomy or go for the tummy tuck? (photos)

Gastric sleeve in 2010. Lost 90lbs. Got pregnant, gained weight. Currently trying to get back to pre-pregnancy weight & beyond. I can live with... READ MORE

I want a panniculectomy at the same time as the hernia surgery. Is there a chance that this will cause another hernia? (photo)

I am planning on having surgery to repair 3 hernias that occurred after a hysterectomy at the surgical site. I have lost 125lbs so far but have at... READ MORE

Panniculectomy , drains?? How can a doctor know before surgery that I won't need drains? (photo)

I went to see a PS at Upstate Medical. He described the Panniculectomy procedure to me. He explained, because I have a low belly button, he will have... READ MORE

After 3 C-sections and exercise, I still have a big stomach, what is the best procedure me? (photos)

I have three boys in the ages of 7,4, and 1. All by c sections and I've tried exercising, doing the Shun T dance videos. It didn't help. I just got... READ MORE

Still have loose skin 8 months post op. Do I have to pay for this nightmare? (photo)

I had a panninulectomy, abdomioplasty & a bi-lateral mastopexy in Oct '13. It's now 8 mths since my surgery. Still have quite a bit of loose skin & no... READ MORE

Where can I get an awake Panniculectomy in Atlanta, GA? (photo)

I'm currently 245 I will schedule a December surgery then I will be under 200 I have had this thing forever , I had it at 10 I had it at 175 pounds I... READ MORE

I'm 3 months post op and still getting infections in my belly button. Do I need another panniculectomy? (Photo)

I look like I am deformed and I still get infections in my belly button and rashes do I look like I need another panniculectomy and revision of my... READ MORE

Is recovery time for a Panniculectomy shorter for a smaller Panniculus? Are there less invasive/effective options? (photos)

I have a pronounced belly from rapid weight loss several years ago, but am worried about the invasive nature and long recovery time of a full... READ MORE

Will my insurance pay for another panniculectomy? (Photo)

I had one in march 31st 2014 but I still hang some and I have got a rash again ! READ MORE

Hi, I was just wondering if am good candidate for a panniculectmy and see if my insurance will pay for it? (Photo)

8 yrs ago I had twins. During my pregnancy I was put on a high dose of prednisone so I gained about 130 lbs. After all these year I've tired really... READ MORE

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