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What would you recommend; Panniculectomy vs Muscle Tightening vs Belly Button Repositioning?

Hello, I'm new to this. I just had my panniculectomy on 9/23, 6 days ago. I had lost 67lbs due to bariatric & had massive skin hanging causing pain,... READ MORE

Is it necessary to have a Woundvac 4 weeks post Panniculectomy/Hernia Repair? (photos)

Please Help! (Photos w/scab & after PS cut off scab) I'm 46yo & have MS. My PS took drains out 1wk, cut off scab 3wks, & now @4wks wants to do wound... READ MORE

is abdominal pain normal when working out six months post panniculectomy?

When doing planks, push-up and sit-ups I get a pain in my belly that feels as if I'm ripping open. Had my panniculectomy in May 2014 with a fleur de... READ MORE

I had a panniculectomy 5 weeks ago and on the left side of my stomach there's pain and it feels hard. Should I worry?

It feels like there's something there and it feels hard. I had my boyfriend feel it and he felt it too. Is this something I should worry about? READ MORE

What is the best way to approach my insurance company to approve me for a panniculectomy. (photo)

I have been suffering from chronic pain for 10 plus years.It affects my daily living. I am mostly bed ridden and can't lead a normal life. Mri''s... READ MORE

I had panniculectomy 2 months after a c section. Any suggestions?

The plastic surgeon said it would be fine becuase i wasn't getting muscle work done. Im in alot of pain. I keep reading in heard doctors say you... READ MORE

Consult for panniculectomy?

Fought my weight & very low hanging apron for years, lost 140, now I'm 385 & have a lge painful lump. Suffer continually with hard to heal sores,... READ MORE

Panniculectomy while still overweight?

I had a vertical sleeve done in June. My highest weight was 326, my surgery weight was 293 and i'm currently 254. I've been told a tummy tuck wouldn't... READ MORE

Is a panniculectomy an realistic option for me?

I am 27, 5'6" and currently weigh 277. I have been working on losing my excess weight for 8 years. However everything I lose, I regain on my torso,... READ MORE

In Pain on my Right Side Drain and Right Side Thigh Area,what Could It Be.had Panniuectomy Only Last Friday.

In pain on my right side drain and right side thigh area,what could it be.had panniuectomy,not abdominoplasty bottom of stomach is numb when I touched... READ MORE

Do I have to wear binder after panniculectomy & breast reduction? It's causing a lot of pain & cutting off circulation to thighs

I am 6 days post op and wore the binder home that they gave me in hospital. I came home day two with 2 drains one fell out day 3 went in nurse... READ MORE

6 weeks post op, I have pain and tightness around belly button. Is this normal?

Hi. Six weeks ago, I had a fleur de lis panniculectomy with lipo and had my belly button moved due to the amount of skin removed. My ps told me to... READ MORE

Increased Abdominal Pain After Tummy Tuck?

I had a panniculectomy in February, then in June I had to have a scar revision because of an open would and possible seroma. Now I have a lumpy tender... READ MORE

5 weeks post anchor panniculectomy...should I be farther along by now? (photos)

I had an anchor panniculectomy 5 wks ago. I seemed to heal well for the first 2 wks then I developed a seroma. It was so bad that any touch to my... READ MORE

Panniculectomy and abdominalplasty done in Dec 2012, still constant pain, wearing surgical binders-when does the pain stop?

Constant pain; wearing 2 to 3 surgical binders to stop pain and swelling! Hernia repair in November 2014, have had reoccurring infection in belly... READ MORE

I had a panni done Sept 16/14. My right side is doing great. My left side is still very sore. Should I still be in pain?

My tubes were in my groin and were pulled out the 18 th ft after ft of tubeing and it still hurts. From my belly button over the pain is bad. My belly... READ MORE

Doctor sent referral for panniculectomy, and breast reduction. (photos)

I just want my pain/ heavy feeling gone and life back. I gained over 100 lbs water retention due to severe water gain end of my 1st pregnancy. left... READ MORE

To much hip pain and belly after having a Panniculectomy?

17 months ago I had a Panniculectomy because my belly was hanging over like an apron. I didn't have this pain before. I have been bent over for 20 yrs... READ MORE

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