Infection + Panniculectomy

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Why do I look pregnant after my panniculectomy? (photos)

I have lost over 157lbs on my own and have 3 children. I am 31 and was left with a huge pannus. My insurance covered the removal of this due to... READ MORE

Will they have to stretch the stomach to the vaginal area to close for panniculectomy? (photo)

I am awaiting insurance approval for a panniculectomy. I have hidradenitis/open infections under my panni and the top of my mons. The surgeon has... READ MORE

Two weeks post op and my belly button is infected. Do I take the garment off to let it breathe? (photos)

My belly button is disgustingly infected. It's green and yellow inside, I have been putting peroxide and polysporin in it everyday, but should I be... READ MORE

Having Panniculectomy and Breast Reduction..but Have Chronic Belly Button Inf?

MY insurance approved a panni and breast reduction for sept. 16 2013....i am very greatfull and excited that they are approving these procedures. I... READ MORE

I have a very large apron that I would like removed, but I am chronically diabetic. Is it possible to have it removed?

I am finding that I'm getting recurring yeast infections in the fold under the apron despite washing twice daily with prescribed wash. I have chronic... READ MORE

Why is the skin after a panniculectomy so prone to ripping or infection after the procedure? (Photo)

My doctor has informed me about how the lower and wider a pannis is,the more difficult it will be for the patient to heal post-op because the skin is... READ MORE

Bad odor after having penniculectomy. Does this mean it's infected? What should I do?

Its been 6 months after pennicletmy surgery everything was fine. I start smelling bad odor and come to find out its coming from my new belly button. I... READ MORE

Panniculectomy and bathroom issue post-op. Any suggestions?

My question sounds silly but it's something I've noticed, since surgery 2 months ago, I feel like I am voiding my bladder more frequently, I feel I... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for panniculectomy? (photo)

29 yrs old weighing 330 lbs. I get constant rashes/infections under my belly. My back hurts all the time. Am I a good candidate? I have insurance or... READ MORE

I had a panniculectomy 10 years ago, and I've had numerous belly button infections every year. what's the cause?

Hello, Ever since I had my surgery about 3 or 4 times a year I get a horrible belly button infection that I need antibiotic medication and antibiotic... READ MORE

Can a Seroma Remain a Year & 9 Months After a Panniculectomy, then Abscess?

I had a panniculectomy & hernia repair in Oct 09. I had pain in an area of of my panniculectomy scar. In July 11 an abscess developed in that area... READ MORE

If I Have A-Fib, How Dangerous is Panniculectomy?

I had a complete hysterectomy 13 years ago which almost immediately caused skin to lap over the scar area. I have lost weight in recent years and now... READ MORE

Wet gangrene, pus, redness everywhere, seroma, and now stitches poking out. Is this normal? (Photo)

Is this Normal because my Dr. acts like this is nothing and somewhat common? What do I do? Panni done 1/5/15, infected belly button so I got a 2nd... READ MORE

I'm 3 months post op and still getting infections in my belly button. Do I need another panniculectomy? (Photo)

I look like I am deformed and I still get infections in my belly button and rashes do I look like I need another panniculectomy and revision of my... READ MORE

Where are the incisions when having strictly a Panniculectomy done? No other body contouring.

Highest wt 500+ lbs and I have plateaued at have an incisional hernia below belly button. A hysterectomy in '12 has left my pannus more... READ MORE

I had a panniculetomy 2 weeks ago. My belly button is pink and I've had a yellowish drainage. Is this an infection? (photo)

I had a panniculetomy two weeks ago tomorrow. My PS is over an hours drive away. My belly button is getting pink, I've had a yellowish drainage since... READ MORE

Would I qualify for an insurance paid panniculectomy? (Photo)

I have recently lost 30 lbs and now have notice how bad my pannus hang. I have had infection in this area in the past do to sweat accumulating. I have... READ MORE

Panniculectomy and abdominalplasty done in Dec 2012, still constant pain, wearing surgical binders-when does the pain stop?

Constant pain; wearing 2 to 3 surgical binders to stop pain and swelling! Hernia repair in November 2014, have had reoccurring infection in belly... READ MORE

Isn't the placement of surgical drains standard of care following a panniculectomy?

My brother had panniculectomy after weight loss surgery? No drains were placed. He had 200 cc pulled off with needle , then a liter, then 1200 cc,... READ MORE

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