Hernia Repair + Panniculectomy

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I had a hernia in my belly button repaired and a panniculectomy done on March 31st. Do I look like I need a revision done ?

Do I look like I need a revision done ? Can I have my mons and the rest of my extra skin off and my belly button repaired too ? READ MORE

Is vomiting normal 3 days out of surgery?

Panniculectomy took place Wednesday evening along with a hernia repair. Last ate Friday morning, a very light breakfast. My wife had an abdominoplasty... READ MORE

Seromas 4 Months After Surgery?

Hi, I had a combined surgery in February, consisting of a fleur de lis panniculolectomy and 3 hernias being repaired by open incision. The last couple... READ MORE

I Had a Ventral Hernia Repair with Panniculectomy 4 Weeks Ago. I Am Extremely Bloated and Have Black Tarry Stools Constipation?

I have taken Colace since day 1 post op and last 3 days Phillips laxative with very little relief. I got Dulcolax today and took 2 at 4pm so far... READ MORE

How should a panniculectomy/hernia repair be submitted as a medical necessity and approved by insurance?

I have a upper abdominal hernia that is quite large in size and protrudes outward and causes problems and an umbilical hernia which recedes inward. I... READ MORE

Panniculectomy and abdominalplasty done in Dec 2012, still constant pain, wearing surgical binders-when does the pain stop?

Constant pain; wearing 2 to 3 surgical binders to stop pain and swelling! Hernia repair in November 2014, have had reoccurring infection in belly... READ MORE

Hernia repairs + Post-Bypass Panniculectomy

I had gastric bypass 2 years ago. I have an umbilical hernia that needs repair plus I'd like a panniculectomy. I do not have the money for any extra... READ MORE

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