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Panniculectomy , drains?? How can a doctor know before surgery that I won't need drains? (photo)

I went to see a PS at Upstate Medical. He described the Panniculectomy procedure to me. He explained, because I have a low belly button, he will have... READ MORE

Do I have a hernia or did surgery get messed up? Had a Panniculectomy 6/9, it looked great until my drains were removed. (photo)

I can't turn certain ways lift & run. I'm very lg & sore, but yet numb in areas.I can't feel my BB or around it yet. I know i am still healing but,... READ MORE

Panniculectomy; Do I have to have drains with this?

I would just like to get rid of some loose skin below my belly button. I thought about a tummy tuck, but I have no one at home to help me afterwards.... READ MORE

Is it necessary to have a Woundvac 4 weeks post Panniculectomy/Hernia Repair? (photos)

Please Help! (Photos w/scab & after PS cut off scab) I'm 46yo & have MS. My PS took drains out 1wk, cut off scab 3wks, & now @4wks wants to do wound... READ MORE

Will a compression garment help reduce swelling after a panniculectomy? Do they normally wait till tube removal? (photos)

My surgeon took my compression garment away 1 day post op. I have read reviews where pts are still wearing them months after their procedure. READ MORE

Can pseudobursa return after having it removed surgically?

I had panniculectomy (2 drains) 12/2012. Developed seroma. Had it removed 8/2013 (one drain). By 10/2013 it returned. PS aspirated seroma weekly for 6... READ MORE

In Pain on my Right Side Drain and Right Side Thigh Area,what Could It Be.had Panniuectomy Only Last Friday.

In pain on my right side drain and right side thigh area,what could it be.had panniuectomy,not abdominoplasty bottom of stomach is numb when I touched... READ MORE

Do I have to wear binder after panniculectomy & breast reduction? It's causing a lot of pain & cutting off circulation to thighs

I am 6 days post op and wore the binder home that they gave me in hospital. I came home day two with 2 drains one fell out day 3 went in nurse... READ MORE

9 weeks since my Panniculectomy and still swollen. Will my swelling ever go down?

I had a panni done on 5/20/2014 and I was flat for 2 weeks, then I started swelling at the bottom of my stomach. My drains were in for 7 weeks, which... READ MORE

Is this upper abdomen swelling, normal? Please tell me this is normal or is it something I should be worried about? (Photo)

I had a Panni/TT, no MR/lipo, & a thigh lift on 11-11-14 . Today, the upper part of my stomach looks like there is an alien growing, My PS doesn't... READ MORE

Is It Bad to Remove the Last Two Drains at Once After Penniculectomy?

I just had a panniculectomy two weeks ago and today my last two drains where removed today.is it bad to remove the last two drains at once? READ MORE

Will I have a muffin top after swelling goes down, and will I have a pooch in the middle of my stomach? (Photo)

I feel like my PS performed a good surgery which was a panniculectomy with Lipo and muscle tightening. I have burns from the adhesive tape. My stomach... READ MORE

Swelling with panniculectomy?

I got a br back in January, since then I've lost even more weight. My dogears have virtually gone away on their own. Now I'm getting my pooch removed... READ MORE

Panniculectomy post op. Drain is still producing too much fluid. Is this normal?

Yes im at day 15 post op from my panniculectomy. One drain came out 8 days after surgery. The other drain is still there as its producing too much... READ MORE

Drain tube came out during sleep. Can this be reinserted by my doctor?

Two drian tubes we put during my Panniculectomy, one was removed a week later. My second and only drain tube came out during sleep. Can this tube be... READ MORE

Isn't the placement of surgical drains standard of care following a panniculectomy?

My brother had panniculectomy after weight loss surgery? No drains were placed. He had 200 cc pulled off with needle , then a liter, then 1200 cc,... READ MORE

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