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How Much Does an Apronectomy Cost?

I have recently lost 5 stone , i have had a cesarean in the past , and my stomach hangs very low , this makes me feel very depressed and unhappy , i... READ MORE

Panni Vs TT. Can I Pay the Difference to Get A Full TT Instead? (photo)

I have been approved by my insurance provider for a pannilculectomy-I am wondering if I can get a full tummy tuck and just pay the difference? Is this... READ MORE

What is this flap of fat that hangs covering my privates? Can it be fixed and if it can be, how much does it cost? (Photo)

I have had it for as long as I can remember and i'm not sure as to what it is, I have seen something about it on T.V, and they said something about an... READ MORE

How much would it cost to remove a fat apron/pannis after weight loss? (Photo)

Overweight but have lost weight going from 420lbs to 230. Without surgery just diet I'm 29 years old with good blood pressure, and no diabetes nor... READ MORE

How much does a panniculectomy cost? Is it a common for people to get a lower body lift later after this due to finances?(photo)

I am 5'4 and 200 lbs. I had the gastric sleeve four years ago and lost 105 pounds. I can not afford to have the body lift which I am pretty sure I... READ MORE

How much more would a high tension abdominoplasty cost over a panniculectomy ?

My provincial insurance would cover a panniculectomy after massive weight loss but not an abdominoplasty. I am wondering if a surgeon would allow a... READ MORE

Any doctor who would like to help me for panniculectomy? (photos)

I am from Canada and need to be have the procedure for my panniculectomy. Lost 150 Lbs weight after bariatric surgery in 2014 and weight is stable... READ MORE

Should I do Lypo with a Panniculectomy? (photos)

I have lost 66lbs and am scheduled to have a breast reduction and a panniculectomy . I am worried about not getting the results of what I have in my... READ MORE

Is a panniculectomy cheaper than a tummy tuck? (Photo)

Ive been researching and saving up to get a tummy tuck but lost my job last week. Is a panniculectomy similar to a tummy tuck and what is the... READ MORE

How would I get rid of this overhang? (Photo)

I've had 3 cesareans, and no matter how hard I exercise and diet I can't get rid of this "pouch". I think it's mostly extra skin I believe the doctor... READ MORE

160 lbs weight loss approved for a Panni but, wanting to upgrade to a Tummy Tuck. Any suggestions?

My insurance approved me for an panniculectomy. What would be my out of pocket cost to have my surgeon to do a tummy tuck in conjunction with my planning? READ MORE

How much would it cost to get excess skin removed after Gastric Bypass? How does billing work? (photo)

I'm 21 years old and had gastric bypass I have a belly hang over and no insurance I really want this hangover removed. How much will it cost? Can I be... READ MORE

Panniculectomy covered by insurance /Brachioplasty at same time, cost?

I am in the process of obtaining insurance approval for a panniculectomy. I was told that I should get my arms done at the same time because it would... READ MORE

Approximately how much would this cost? How long will it take to get everything done? And do you have any suggestions? (photos)

I always wanted my body to but super curvy and voluptuous so basically I wish to be a curvy big girl. I'm going to lose so more weight to get... READ MORE

Cushings disease and cost for fat removal? (Photo)

I've been cushings free for 9 years and I can't get rid of the left over body fat that hangs over my pants do most insurances cover the cost for... READ MORE

Need to find a doctor to perform panniculectomy with insurance & 2,000 cash. Blue collar person with blue collar budget (Photo)

I have paid consultant fees for 3 different docs in the Memphis Tn area. 1st 6500 with not drains quilt method, 2nd was 12,000 with drains, 3rd was... READ MORE

Would OHIP cover the cost to have my belly button reconstructed after a panniculectomy? (Photo)

My belly button is often irritated and has a foul odor. I believe this is due to the shape, it looks more like a slit than a hole and I can never get... READ MORE

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