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Panniculectomy Vs Abdominoplasty

I've lost 154lbs after having a duodenal switch in August of 2009. I'm not 100% sold on the getting a tummy tuck rather than just a panni... READ MORE

Panniculectomy or Abdominoplasty?

What's the difference between a panniculectomy and an abdominoplasty? How do you know which is better for you? READ MORE

What would you recommend; Panniculectomy or Tummy Tuck?

I'm 42 I've had a full hysterectomy ten years has been up n down...about two years ago I had in incident which caused damage to my spine.... READ MORE

More weightloss before considering panniculectomy or adominoplasty? (Photo)

Hello there, I am 28 years old and over the past 6 years I have over 100lbs. This has been done natural and at a steady pace to avoid excess skin.... READ MORE

Panniculectomy or abdominoplasty after massive weight loss but before children? (Photo)

I have lost over 100 lbs. after VSG and have bad excess skin in my abdominal area. I know that it is recommended to wait to have a full abdominoplasty... READ MORE

Would I be happy with a Panniculectomy or would a full tummy tuck with abdominal plication be best? (Photo)

I'm a 30 year old athlete who has never had children and am in excellent physical condition with great muscle tone. I have lost 30% body fat over the... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Panniculectomy or Mini Tummy Tuck?

I had gotten a Panniculectomy done last month but I feel as if it was more of a Mini TT. My board certified surgeon moved the belly button a bit,... READ MORE

Panniculectomy or tummy tuck with liposuction? (Photo)

Hi, I I'm 5'5 215 and I'm curious about my options, what would I be able to do about this extra weight around my abdomen, I currently have lower back... READ MORE

Panniculectomy vs. Tummy tuck while wanting to have children.

I'm 26, and has gastric bypass surgery in Oct 2015. I am now looking into plastic surgery. My insurance will cover a panniculectomy, due to my rashes... READ MORE

Is a panniculectomy cheaper than a tummy tuck? (Photo)

Ive been researching and saving up to get a tummy tuck but lost my job last week. Is a panniculectomy similar to a tummy tuck and what is the... READ MORE

Is panniculectomy with muscle repair similar to a tummy tuck?

I am schedule to have surgery which includes a pannicluectomy, hernia repair and muscle repair (diastis recti repair). I am just wondering is the end... READ MORE

Would I qualify for a panniculectomy or tummy tuck? (photos)

29 yrs old weighing 330 lbs. I get constant rashes/infections under my belly. My back hurts all the time. Am I a good candidate? I have insurance or... READ MORE

Additional info pertaining to a fdl panni. Any suggestions?

I'd like to find out some additional info on a fdl panni. I'm having a hard time finding anything other than for a fdl TT which I'm assuming is not... READ MORE

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